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Car Rental Fortitude Valley

Alpha Car Hire Fortitude Valley is dedicated to providing high-quality rental cars at affordable rates. Due to our accessibility to essential sites and thoroughfares, we are an excellent choice for vacationers and business travellers. From fuel-efficient compact cars to people movers for large groups, you can count on our cheap car rental in Fortitude Valley to provide you with dependable vehicles and courteous service.

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Our cheap pricing has never compromised the quality of our rental cars.


Our proximity to major sites and destinations makes us the practical choice for car rentals.

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Our passion to the service will let us see to your requirements and expectations every time.


We offer extra conveniences, such as child seats and boosters, to make your trip safer and more accessible.

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Our team is always more than eager to help make your trip easier and comfortable.


From 24-hour roadside assistance to free kilometres, we make it a point to put your needs first.

car hire fortitude valley

Cheap Car Hire Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

If you’re in the need for a budget car hire in Fortitude Valley, our friendly customer service professionals are on standby to serve your needs. You can book your car rental through the form above and we’ll get in touch with you promptly.

Budget Car Hire Fortitude Valley

Your car rental from Fortitude Valley comes in a range of options.

Affordable Car Hire Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley is a place where elegance and flair collide with the grungy and eccentric, and heritage-listed buildings proudly stand beside modern structures.

The Valley, as it’s affectionately called, was Australia’s first dedicated entertainment zone and is a swarm of activity to this day. The top acts in the country flock to the concert halls and bars, ensuring that live music flourishes. The stunning Chinatown Mall is home to a plethora of ethnic Chinese supermarkets and eateries.

James Street is home to the famed The Calile Hotel and the award-winning fine dining restaurants of Ada Lane and Australian fashion companies and local businesses. At the same time, Brunswick Street is home to a diverse range of affordable food alternatives.

Where to go with your car hire in Fortitude Valley?

Brunswick Street

Brunswick Street spills from the pedestrian-only Brunswick Street Mall, through Ann Street, and into New Farm, in the heart of Brisbane’s entertainment district. A diverse selection of bars, cafes, restaurants, and retailers along the bustling street.

While the street is quiet and peaceful during the day, it comes alive at night. If you enjoy live music, see who is performing at The Fortitude Music Hall, go next door to Black Bear Lodge or across the street to Ric’s Bar for live and local bands. The Press Club, located further down the road, frequently hosts jazz performances. Add in The Empire Hotel, Heya Bar, Our Place, Finn McCool’s The Flying Cock, and a slew of other bars, and you’ve got yourself a night out on the town.

Chinatown Mall

You’ll be treated to a feast for the senses the instant you pass through the old Chinese gates, with authentic stone guard-lions. Perhaps it’s the bustle of Chinese supermarkets, the aromas and sounds of diverse ingredients merging in a sizzling wok, or the warm Yum Cha breakfasts shared with friends that keep people turning up. Regardless of the season, Chinatown is always ready to delight.

As you walk around Chinatown, you’ll notice the architecture, textures, colours, and emotions. It isn’t just the food that is outstanding. The Chinatown Mall is a bustling shopping and entertainment complex that hosts a variety of special events. Without leaving the city, every visit to Chinatown takes you on a tour of one of the world’s most lasting cultures.

Wickham Street

Wickham Street, which runs through the heart of Fortitude Valley, has evolved through time to include up-and-coming urban and street style boutiques and numerous sporting and outdoor adventure retailers.

With the diversity of food outlets in the Chinatown mall, which ends at Wickham Street, shopping in the Valley is always an adventure.

Wickham Street is also home to several bars, clubs, and pubs, adding to the Valley’s already burgeoning nightlife scene, which is a favourite hangout for Brisbane’s partygoers.

Winn Lane

This modest laneway is a hive of activity for Brisbane’s creative types and those seeking something unusual, hidden behind the historic Shannon’s building, which houses the famous Zoo live music venue.

Here you’ll discover Bens Burgers, a legendary Brisbane burger spot, as well as local boutiques House of Cards and Sunday Social. York Hair Artistry and Lawless Salon will pamper you.

Winn Lane is a popular hangout for Brisbane residents, and it’s ideally positioned in Fortitude Valley’s creative district, directly across from Bakery Lane.

Institute of Modern Art

The Institute of Modern Art has been the centre of Brisbane’s contemporary art scene since 1975, hosting an annual program of exhibitions, public programs, publications, and offsite programs by Queensland, Australian, and international artists.

The IMA, located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley in the Judith Wright Arts Centre, showcases cutting-edge contemporary art and a regular schedule of events such as artist talks, workshops, films, performances, and more. In addition to art publications, local design, and unusual souvenirs, the IMA Gallery Shop has a vast selection of them.

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You may request a quotation and check availability without making a reservation. Complete only the first pages of the rates and reservations process. If you wish to make a reservation at this time and with these details simply continue by pressing the “Book Now” Button.

At the end of the reservation process, you will receive a “Reservation Confirmation” page with the reservation number highlighted. You will also receive a confirmation email containing the details of your reservation and collection procedure.

Extending the rental duration is possible at time of check out or during the rental itself. You will need to contact or come in person to the nearest location. The extension is subject to vehicle availability and extra payment.

Yes. Please contact our Reservations team and they will be more than happy to help. 1300 227 473 or NZ 0800 445 492

Yes, however, the person with the credit card must be on the Rental Contract as the main driver so they will need to have a current open driver’s licence written in English.

Alpha Car Hire Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge a minimum cancellation fee of $50 if 7 or more days’ notice is provided prior to the day of collection. It is at Alpha Car Hire Australia Pty Ltd’s discretion to charge up to 50% of the rental cost if less than 7 days’ notice is given.

If the vehicle is returned up to 1 hour late, one-third of the rental will be charged. If it is returned beyond two hours late, two-thirds of the rental will be charged. If returned three hours late or more, a full day’s rental is charged.

All vehicles are covered with 24-hour roadside assistance, provided by the relevant state automotive club. This includes all mechanical breakdowns. Roadside Assistance does not cover non-mechanical defects such as lost keys, keys locked in the vehicle, flat battery due to lights being left on etc. Costs charged can be obtained by contacting Customer Service on 1300 227 473.

All Alpha vehicles which are rented have comprehensive insurance with a standard liability that is applicable to renters that may be reduced with one of Alpha’s waiver options. For passenger vehicles (hatchbacks, sedans, family cars, SUVs, 8-seater vans and Utes) the standard liability is $4,400 for drivers over 21 years of age. For more information on our Standard Liability Protection Cover visit our Terms & Conditions.

What are the exclusions to liability waivers?

The following are not covered by the Total Protection Liability Waiver, Premium Protection Liability Waiver, or the Collision Damage Liability Waiver:

  • Reversing damage
  • Overhead damage
  • Undercarriage damage
  • Water damage
  • Hail damage
  • Negligence or Abuse

Please note that you will not have the benefit of Alpha’s insurance if the rental vehicle is driven on unsealed roads.

If you run a business with ongoing transportation needs, you know as well as anyone that handling maintenance, inventory and financing can be both an expense and a hassle. If you need to supplement your fleet for a short-term or longer term, our friendly team will happily provide a quote.

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