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Intermediate Rental Car

Do you require a mid-sized car for travel, leisure or business purposes? An Alpha Car Hire intermediate rental car will perfectly meet your needs.

Our intermediate cars have been selected for their high quality, design and medium size. You can be confident that when you book an intermediate car hire with Alpha Car Hire, your chosen model will work effectively for you.

Alpha Car Hire’s select range of intermediate cars feature leading models including Kia Cerator, Nissan Pulsar, Hyundai i30 and Toyota Corolla to cater for a variety of budgets.

From a roomy sedan for a family holiday, to a neat and zippy model for city business errands, to something more luxurious for a relaxing weekend drive – we have you covered.

Our competitive every-day rates include no upfront fees. Additionally, as part of your rental arrangement, Alpha Car Hire offers 500kms free per day.

An intermediate car can be an excellent choice when you need a model that is roomier than a compact car, but don’t need a large vehicle for your business or leisure trip.

  • 12 Volt Power Outlet
  • Additional 12 Volt Socket/s
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel - Tilt & Telescopic
  • Air Conditioning
  • Airbag Knee Driver
  • Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft
  • Android Auto
  • FREE 24hr roadside service
  • FREE Standard Liability Protection

Why Rent and Intermediate / Mid-size Car

Choosing the right rental car can make all the difference to your business, travel or leisure experience.

Working out which type of car will meet your needs best will allow you to pinpoint the model that will be right for you.

An intermediate car is the next tier up from a compact car. A mid-sized range, intermediate car rentals provide extra room for passengers and luggage, yet still offer the easy manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency of a compact vehicle.

No matter where your drive will take you, our mid-size car rentals will provide you with the comfort and ease to make your experience exceptional.

Intermediate vs. Compact Car Rental

You might know that you don’t need a large car for your rental needs, however, you might still be unsure about the differences between compact and intermediate cars.

The difference primarily comes down to size and design. Compact cars include smaller models perfect for a solo drive, or undertaking busy inner-city driving.

Intermediate cars offer the next step up. This mid-sized range of cars generally includes four-doors, seats up to five passengers, and fits between two to four suitcases.

An intermediate car does not compromise on ease of use or fuel efficiency, but has more room than a compact car, without making the leap to a full-sized family sedan.

It is still easy to drive (and park!) in the busy city, but also great for a longer drive, or to accommodate additional passengers or luggage.

Perhaps you require room for hanging up a business suit, or to keep space between the kids! Whatever the reason, a roomier mid-sized car can be a great option if you need to keep costs down, but utility is important.

For comfort and usage, an intermediate car rental provides a premier experience.

Features of Our Intermediate Car Hire

When you book an intermediate car rental, you are selecting a high-quality car that has been hand-picked by Alpha Car Hire with your needs in mind.

Our selection of intermediate cars has been expertly curated so that your drive will be easy, comfortable and reliable, every time.

With an easy-to-handle, efficient car that provides extra room for passengers, luggage or gear, or allows you to simply stretch out while taking a longer road trip – an intermediate hire car is an excellent choice.

On top of our commitment to high quality and functional car models, Alpha Car Hire offers customisable optional extras to make your trip that even more enjoyable. Perhaps you need a child’s car seat, or would like the confidence that 24-hour roadside assistance allows?

Give us a call to speak to us about how we can augment your intermediate car hire experience to make it work best for you and find out more about the extras that can be added to your car hire.

By choosing Alpha Car Hire for your rental car needs, you can be confident that your car will work best for you.

Book Your Intermediate Car Hire Today!

Make your drive easier today. Contact Alpha Car Hire for a quote and to book your intermediate car rental.

Alpha Car Hire’s mid-size rental cars are conveniently available right across Australia. We are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle.

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