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Charities We Support

Giving back to our community has been an important part of Alpha’s ethos.
Our commitment – Alpha is committed to supporting local charities combating children’s cancer, grief, homelessness, hunger, and animal welfare.
Our customers have the opportunity to also contribute to our trusted charities when they rent a car through Alpha, simply select charity donation in the optional extras to add a small donation of $2 to your car hire purchase

charity feel the magic

Feel The Magic

Feel the Magic provides camps and programs for kids aged 7 to 18 who experience pain and isolation from the loss of a parent, sibling or guardian. Through the tools and strategies kids learn at Camp, they can feel supported and empowered to move forward with their lives.

Through evidence-informed programs, developed by clinical psychologists, delivered by trained professionals and following a structured framework, the ‘magic’ happens when kids meet other kids like them. They learn practical tools for managing their grief and gain the confidence to live healthily with their grief.

Feel the Magic aims to reduce the mental health challenges often associated with childhood grief including anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. Their values are based on empathy, empowerment, growth and connection and believe that no child should grieve alone.

charity bravery box

Bravery Box

Aside from raising funds for kids’ cancer research, this fantastic group supports families with members undergoing cancer treatment. They stand by their belief that a childhood with cancer should still be one filled with fun and laughter.

The name comes from a rewards box from what was then the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. It was a gift box for when a child needed help with medical compliance or as a reward for their bravery in the face of a painful procedure, restocked by nurses, hospital staff and doctors.

Now, they’ve extended the same concept to include a rewards program that creates joy and happiness for patients and their families in the face of adversity. They run toy drives, fundraisers and other fun programs for kids, helping bridge a strong connection between kids’ oncology and the community. Please help us celebrate courage and compassion with children battling cancer by supporting their cause.

charity bravery box


Challenge is an incredible non-profit organisation providing free and immediate support for children and families with cancer. Challenge aims to manage the impact of a cancer diagnosis by addressing a family’s emotional, social, and practical needs.

The range of programs they offer for children is truly inspiring. From camps and movie days to hospital support, music therapy, and massage therapies, Challenge ensures children have access to uplifting experiences and valuable therapeutic services. Challenge also supports families, providing weekends away, lunches, home help, holiday accommodation, financial assistance, and bereavement services. Additionally, Challenge allocates funds for educational scholarships for primary, secondary, and tertiary students.

Individuals can get involved by attending or organising fundraiser activities within their schools, workplaces, or personal networks. You can also show your support by purchasing Challenge merchandise, which includes fun products like kids’ hats, socks, plushies, and more.

charity scars

Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge

Also known as Sippy Creek Animal Refuge Society Inc. or SCARS, this organisation provides temporary refuge until they find new homes for stray, abandoned and abused cats and dogs. Since 1979, this independent, non-profit organisation has enriched the lives of countless animals by pairing them with a loving adoptive family.

The effort is mainly powered by the energy of tireless volunteers and an unpaid elected committee, so they rely heavily on the support of funding programmes, donations and the community in general. If you wish to extend your support, you can opt to donate in cash or love–they’re currently in need of foster parents for their cats and dogs.

The work may not be glamorous, but it can be the most rewarding and fulfilling. If you’re enthusiastic about caring for our furry friends, you can contact them to volunteer your services or make a monetary donation.

charity scars
charity dig in

Dig In

Established in 2017, this organisation was formed by like-minded entrepreneurs to provide Brisbane’s disadvantaged improved access to wholesome and nutritious meals. Working together as a community, the people involved in this endeavour come from all walks of life, resulting in a healthy mix of different skills, values and ideas.

The primary goal of this charity is to ensure that everyone who needs it in Brisbane will have access to a filling and nutritious meal. And this is achieved through the help of a highly engaged community providing valuable time, effort, and experience to fund, cook and serve the meals.

Dig In is constantly looking for additional hands and sources of funding so they can further extend their help and fill more bellies with nutritious and delicious meals. If you’re looking to support them, they can assure you that every dollar is spent as efficiently as possible through innovative solutions.

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