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Booking Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Information

At the end of the reservation process you will receive a Reservation Confirmation page with the reservation number highlighted. You will also receive a confirmation email containing the details of your reservation and information on the collection procedure.

It may be possible to extend the rental. You will need to contact us on 1300 227 473. Any extensions are subject to vehicle availability and additional payment at the time of request.

Yes it is.

You may receive a refund of your booking fee, minus any applicable cancellation fees.

We do not charge cancellation fees for bookings cancelled more than 48 hours before pickup.

Otherwise, for cancellations within or less than 48 hours of pickup, a fixed $75 cancellation fee will be applicable.

If you live within the same state of the renting location you must supply two forms of identification. The driver’s licence will be accepted as one form. The details on the second form of ID must match the address on the driver’s licence. Examples of a second form of ID are phone or utility bills and bank statements.

You may return the vehicle early however we do not offer refunds.

We may offer one-way rentals – please contact our Call Centre or your nearest branch to enquire.

There is no selected car class in current office. Please choose another Class!