Just landed in Melbourne and itching to experience its renowned coffee scene? Don’t waste precious time navigating the vast Melbourne Airport! This guide unveils the best cafes within each terminal, ensuring a delicious and convenient coffee fix to kickstart your Aussie adventure, no matter your travel pace.

From specialty roasts to perfectly crafted lattes, these cafes prioritize quality and variety. So ditch the jet lag and grab a cup to go, or unwind in a stylish setting – the choice is yours!

Top Melbourne Airport Cafes for the Discerning Coffee Lover

We’ve curated a list focusing on quality and variety. These cafes boast:

  • High-quality coffee beans: Expect nothing less than the finest Australian roasts.
  • Skilled baristas: Your coffee will be crafted with passion and precision.
  • Diverse coffee options: From classic espressos to creamy lattes and refreshing cold brews, there’s something for every coffee craving.

Ready to navigate your caffeine journey? Let’s explore the best cafes at Melbourne Airport, conveniently categorized by terminal.

Terminal 1:

  • Pickett’s Deli & Rotisserie: Indulge in a Melbourne institution known for its exceptional coffee alongside delicious pastries and gourmet sandwiches.

Pickett's Deli & Rotisserie

  • Middle Ground Melbourne: Unwind in a stylish setting and savour their signature brews, roasted in-house for a truly unique coffee experience.

Middle Ground by Shane Delia

Terminal 2:

  • Flat Chat Espresso & Bar: Fuel up with a quick and delicious coffee fix. Flat Chat offers a variety of grab-and-go options perfect for busy travellers.

Flat Chat Espresso & Bar

Terminal 3:

  • Biggie Smalls: Get your fix of Melbourne’s iconic kebabs, falafel, and burgers at this lively spot in Terminal 3. Their signature fun-loving vibes are sure to kickstart your Aussie adventure!

Biggie Smalls

  • Brunetti Classico: Indulge in a touch of Italian sophistication at Brunetti Classico. This renowned cafe chain offers a wide selection of pastries, cakes, and savouries alongside premium coffee options

Brunetti Classico

Terminal 4:

  • Inglewood Coffee Roaster: Experience the art of coffee making firsthand. Inglewood roasts its beans on-site, ensuring the freshest cup possible.
  • Hanna’s Cafe: This warm and inviting cafe offers a range of coffee options alongside delicious breakfast and lunch selections. Catering to diverse needs, they also provide a selection of teas, smoothies, and vegan and gluten-free treats.

A Melbourne Must-Have: Beyond Coffee and Catering to All

While Melbourne’s coffee scene takes centre stage, these cafes understand that not everyone craves a caffeine kick. Most offer a delightful selection of alternative beverages to satisfy diverse preferences:

  • Tea Time:

    • Unwind with a cuppa tailored to your mood: Explore a world of soothing herbal infusions, aromatic black teas, or invigorating green teas. Consider relaxing with a cup of peppermint tea at Pickett’s Deli & Rotisserie (Terminal 1) after a long flight.
  • Smoothie Oasis:

    • Beat the heat or get a healthy boost: Refreshing fruit smoothies packed with vitamins and antioxidants are perfect for a quick and nutritious pre-flight pick-me-up. Grab a vibrant açai bowl and a mango smoothie at Hanna’s Cafe (Terminal 4) for a taste of summer before you depart.

Dietary considerations are a priority too! Many cafes cater to specific needs with delicious options like:

  • Plant-Based Delights: Vegan travellers can rejoice!

    • Creamy lattes made with dairy alternatives: Enjoy options like almond or oat milk alongside delectable vegan pastries or sandwiches. Treat yourself to a plant-based latte and a vegan almond croissant at Middle Ground Melbourne (Terminal 1) for a guilt-free indulgence.
  • Gluten-Free Goodness: No need to miss out on the Melbourne cafe experience.

    • Delicious gluten-free options: Several cafes offer gluten-free cakes, muffins, and bread, ensuring everyone can indulge in a satisfying treat. Enjoy a gluten-free brownie and a decaf latte at The Precinct Bar & Grill (Terminal 3) for a satisfying afternoon pick-me-up.

Here’s a quick recap to quench any thirst or satisfy any dietary need:

  • Don’t fancy coffee? Explore a variety of teas or refresh yourself with a healthy smoothie.
  • Vegan traveller? Enjoy plant-based milk alternatives in your latte and delicious vegan treats.
  • Following a gluten-free diet? Indulge in gluten-free pastries, muffins, or bread options.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Coffee Experience

Conquer your caffeine cravings with these handy tips:

  • Check Opening Hours: Especially for early morning or late-night flights, ensure your desired cafe is open to avoid disappointment. Airport websites often have up-to-date hours listed.
  • Consider Kiosks for Grab-and-Go: In a real rush? Many terminals have coffee kiosks offering quick and convenient service for travellers on the tightest schedules.

Explore Beyond This List

Melbourne’s cafe scene is constantly evolving! Don’t be afraid to venture beyond our recommendations and discover hidden gems throughout the airport.

Conclusion: A Coffee Oasis Awaits

From specialty roasters to cafes offering diverse beverages and catering to dietary needs, Melbourne Airport boasts a remarkable range of options. Whether you crave a classic espresso, a refreshing tea, or a healthy smoothie, you’re guaranteed a delicious and satisfying experience.

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