Melbourne Airport, a vibrant hub bustling with activity, can also be a waiting game for impatient young travellers. The pre-flight jitters and seemingly endless lines can test the patience of even the most seasoned young adventurer. But fear not, fellow explorer parents! With a strategic plan and some creative pre-departure activities, you can transform Melbourne Airport into a playground for your mini explorers.

Planning for Fun at Melbourne Airport

Pack the Perfect Playtime Arsenal: Just like any adventure, preparation is key! Pack a travel bag filled with entertainment essentials specifically chosen for your child’s age and interests. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Little Ones (under 5): Soft, chewable toys, board books with vibrant pictures, washable finger paints and chunky crayons (check airline regulations for liquids), sensory toys with different textures and sounds, and of course, their favourite cuddly companion for comfort.
  • Growing Adventurers (5-8): Travel-sized activity books with mazes, puzzles, and coloring pages, small Lego sets or building blocks for creative construction, a compact travel journal for recording their airport adventure, a deck of kid-friendly cards for classic games like Go Fish or Crazy Eights.
  • Tech-Savvy Travelers (8 and above): A fully charged tablet pre-loaded with downloaded movies, educational games, and interactive ebooks (don’t forget the headphones!). Consider packing a portable power bank to keep the fun going even with limited access to outlets.

Travel-Sized Treasures: Surprise your little explorer with a small, new toy or activity book specifically for the trip. The novelty and anticipation will add a spark of excitement to their airport wait.

Be Baggage-Allowance Aware: Check your airline’s baggage allowance for carry-on items to ensure a smooth security check. Consolidate toys into a designated travel bag and consider packing some activities in your carry-on for easy access during the flight.

Tech Time – But Offline: Tablets can be lifesavers on long journeys, but relying solely on internet-dependent activities can be frustrating. Pre-download movies, educational games, or audiobooks to keep your kids engaged offline. With a little planning, you can turn those pre-flight moments into a fun learning experience! Download travel-themed apps that teach basic phrases in foreign languages, or choose educational audiobooks on fascinating topics like the history of aviation or the geography of Australia.

Turn the Airport into a Play Space: Get creative! Challenge your little ones to a scavenger hunt, searching for specific stores, signs, or architectural features in the airport. Let them become “junior travel journalists” interviewing fellow passengers about their destinations (always with parental supervision, of course!). Utilise the airport’s amenities – many terminals have designated play areas with slides, climbing structures, and soft play equipment to burn off some pre-flight energy. And don’t forget, for ultimate convenience after your adventure, consider pre-booking your car hire at Melbourne Airport!

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Activities at Melbourne Airport for Young Children

Fun & Games at Terminal 2: For a burst of pre-flight energy, head to the dedicated children’s play area located conveniently at Terminal 2, Gate 11. This vibrant space is perfect for young explorers aged 2 to 10, offering a safe and stimulating environment for them to climb, crawl, and play. With engaging features like colourful climbing structures, interactive elements, and plenty of soft play equipment, it’s the ideal spot to burn off some steam before boarding.

Beyond the Play Area: Even without the dedicated play area, you can keep young children entertained at Melbourne Airport with a variety of activities:

  • Window-Watching: Airplane spotting is a classic for a reason! Captivate your little ones by letting them watch the planes take off and land, identifying the different types of aircraft and guessing their destinations.
  • “I Spy” with My Little Eye: Turn the pre-departure wait into a game of discovery. Challenge your child to find a specific colour, object, or person in the airport environment, sparking their observation skills and keeping them engaged.
  • Storytelling Time: Curl up in a comfortable corner and weave a magical tale together. Incorporate elements of your upcoming trip, creating a fun and interactive story about the exciting adventure that awaits.

Activities at Melbourne Airport for Older Children

Fuel Up for Fun: The various family-friendly restaurants and cafes at Melbourne Airport offer a delicious way to entertain older children and refuel for the journey ahead. Many eateries provide options like kid-sized meals, pizzas, and snacks to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Exploring the Airport: With your supervision, older children might enjoy browsing the diverse shops and terminals at Melbourne Airport. Let them explore the different stores, observe the products and learn about different cultures through travel souvenirs. Just be sure to establish clear ground rules regarding browsing and respect for merchandise.

Engaging Activities: For older children, activities like people-watching, plane spotting with more detailed observation (identifying airlines, spotting unique liveries), or taking fun photos with airport mascots (if available) can add a touch of excitement and entertainment to their airport experience.

Additional Resources for Family Travelers at Melbourne Airport

Making Life Easier with Family Facilities: Melbourne Airport caters to the needs of families with young children. Look for designated family restrooms with larger stalls and baby changing facilities conveniently located throughout the terminals. These amenities ensure a stress-free and comfortable pre-flight experience for everyone.

For more detailed information on family-friendly services and facilities at Melbourne Airport, visit their official website’s resources for families section: (This link will need to be verified once the information is confirmed to be available publicly).


With a little planning and some creative activities, you can transform the wait at Melbourne Airport into an exciting adventure for your little explorers. From dedicated play areas to engaging activities and family-friendly amenities, the airport offers everything you need to keep your children entertained and ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for the whole family.

So, pack your bags, embrace the pre-flight anticipation, and get ready to create lasting travel memories with your loved ones at Melbourne Airport!

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