Welcome to the Gold Coast! Beyond the world-famous beaches and theme parks lies a thriving scene unlike any other – the world of craft beverages. From award-winning beers to meticulously crafted spirits, the Gold Coast has become a haven for passionate brewers and distillers. Explore this vibrant scene at your own pace with a convenient car hire on the Gold Coast.

A Hub for Craft Beverages

The Gold Coast, with its sunshine and laid-back vibes, provides the perfect backdrop for a flourishing craft beverage scene. In recent years, there’s been an explosion of microbreweries and boutique distilleries, each with a unique story to tell and a distinct flavour profile to offer.

Why Include a Brewery or Distillery Visit in Your Itinerary?

There’s more to a brewery or distillery visit than just a drink. It’s a chance to:

  • Experience Something Unique: Go beyond the ordinary and discover innovative brewing techniques or unexpected flavour combinations in local craft beers and spirits.
  • Immerse Yourself in the Culture: Breweries and distilleries often have a vibrant social atmosphere, offering a glimpse into the local community and its love for quality beverages.
  • Support Local Businesses: By choosing local producers, you’re directly contributing to the growth of the Gold Coast’s vibrant craft beverage scene.

Exploring Gold Coast Breweries

The Gold Coast boasts a diverse range of breweries, catering to every taste bud. Here are some top picks to get you started:

  • For the Hop Head: Black Hops Brewing is renowned for its bold India Pale Ales (IPAs) and experimental brews.
  • For the Beach Bum: Lost Palms Brewing Company offers a laid-back atmosphere and refreshing pale ales perfect for a post-surf session.
  • For the Craft Beer Connoisseur: Balter Brewing, co-founded by a former Wallabies captain, is known for its dedication to quality and innovative brewing methods.

Signature Brews and Seasonal Offerings

Each brewery has its signature style, offering a range of core beers you can always find alongside seasonal and limited-edition releases. Look out for fruity summer ales, rich winter stouts, and anything in between – the creativity of Gold Coast brewers knows no bounds!

Behind the Scenes: Brewery Tours

Many breweries offer tours that take you on a journey through the brewing process. Witness the transformation of raw ingredients into your favourite beverage, learn about the delicate balance of flavours, and gain a newfound appreciation for the craft.

Beer Tasting Tips for Beginners

New to the world of craft beer? Here are some tips to enhance your tasting experience:

  • Start Light: Begin with lighter beers like lagers or pale ales before moving on to bolder flavours.
  • Engage Your Senses: Notice the beer’s colour, aroma, and taste. Look for notes of citrus, caramel, or even coffee!
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: Brewery staff are passionate about their beers and happy to answer any questions you have.

Common Beer Terminologies

Understanding a few basic terms will help you navigate the world of craft beer:

  • IBU (International Bitterness Units): Measures the bitterness of a beer.
  • ABV (Alcohol By Volume): The alcohol content of the beer.
  • Malt: The grain used to give beer its body and sweetness.
  • Hops: The flowers that give beer its bitterness and aroma.

Discovering Gold Coast Distilleries

Must-Visit Distilleries on the Gold Coast

Beyond the world of beer, the Gold Coast boasts a flourishing scene for handcrafted spirits. Here are some must-visit distilleries to tantalize your taste buds:

  • For the Gin Enthusiast: Wildflower Gin prides itself on using local botanicals, resulting in unique and aromatic gins perfect for a summer cocktail.
  • For the Rum Connoisseur: Beenleigh Artisan Distillery, established in 1886, offers a taste of history with its award-winning, time-honoured rums.
  • For the Spirit Adventurer: Granddad Jack’s Craft Distillery pushes boundaries with innovative spirits like their coffee rum and chilli vodka, ensuring an exciting tasting experience.

Craft Spirits: What’s Distilled on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast’s distilleries are renowned for their diverse range of spirits. Here’s a glimpse into what you might find:

  • Classic Spirits: Expect to find perfectly crafted gins, vodkas, and rums, each showcasing the distiller’s expertise.
  • Local Twists: Many distilleries incorporate native Australian botanicals or unique ingredients, creating spirits with a distinctly Gold Coast character.
  • Seasonal Delights: Look out for limited-edition spirits made with seasonal fruits or herbs, offering a taste of the Gold Coast’s harvest.

Distillery Tours: A Journey Through Craftsmanship

Delve deeper into the world of spirits with a distillery tour. Witness the transformation of raw ingredients into your favourite liquor, learn about the intricate distillation process, and gain a newfound appreciation for the passion that goes into every bottle.

Tasting Room Etiquette for Spirits

  • Start Small: Begin with lighter spirits like gin or vodka before moving on to stronger options like whiskey or rum.
  • Savour the Aroma: Take a moment to appreciate the spirit’s unique scent before taking a sip.
  • Small Sips, Big Flavors: Take small sips and let the flavour develop on your palate.
  • Ask Questions: Distillery staff are experts in their craft and happy to answer any questions you have about the spirits or the distillation process.

Pairing Spirits with Food

Just like wine, spirits can be paired with food to create a truly memorable dining experience. Distillery staff can recommend food pairings that will enhance the flavour of both the spirit and the dish. Embrace the opportunity to explore unexpected and delightful flavour combinations!

The Craft Beverage Culture: A Celebration of Local and Sustainable Flavors

The Rise of Craft Breweries and Distilleries

The craft beverage movement has its roots in a desire for something more. Consumers, tired of mass-produced beers and spirits, craved variety, quality, and a connection to the artisans behind the product.

Historically, small-scale brewing and distilling were the norm. However, large corporations gradually dominated the market, leading to a homogenization of flavours. The rise of the craft movement in the late 20th century marked a return to traditional techniques and a focus on innovation.

Today, the craft beverage scene is thriving. Consumers are increasingly drawn to unique flavour profiles, local ingredients, and the stories behind each bottle. While competition is fierce, the future seems bright for craft breweries and distilleries, with continued growth expected in the coming years.

The Impact of Local Ingredients

Sourcing ingredients locally is a cornerstone of the craft beverage movement. It allows breweries and distilleries to:

  • Showcase Local Flavors: Local fruits, herbs, and grains can be incorporated into the brewing or distilling process, creating spirits and beers that reflect the unique character of the Gold Coast.
  • Support Local Farmers: By using locally grown ingredients, craft producers contribute to the economic and social well-being of their communities.
  • Ensure Freshness: Locally sourced ingredients are often fresher and more flavorful, leading to a higher quality product.

Examples of Locally Sourced Ingredients:

  • Breweries: Local honey for sweetness, citrus fruits for a refreshing twist, or native Australian hops for a distinctive aroma.
  • Distilleries: Locally grown botanicals like finger limes or wattleseed for unique gins, native Davidson plums for a distinctive rum flavour, or macadamia nuts for a rich and creamy liqueur.

Sustainability in Brewing and Distilling

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the craft beverage industry. Here’s how breweries and distilleries are going green:

  • Water Conservation: Implementing water-saving technologies and reusing wastewater in cleaning processes.
  • Renewable Energy: Utilizing solar panels or wind power to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Recycled Packaging: Opting for recyclable glass bottles and using sustainable packaging materials.
  • Spent Grain Utilization: Finding creative ways to reuse spent grain, a byproduct of the brewing process, as animal feed or compost.

By adopting these eco-friendly practices, craft producers are minimizing their environmental impact and ensuring the long-term viability of the industry.

The Gold Coast’s craft beverage scene is a vibrant tapestry of innovation, local pride, and environmental responsibility. So, raise a glass to these passionate producers and embark on a journey of discovery, savouring the unique flavours and stories that lie within each bottle.

Planning Your Visit: Craft Your Perfect Gold Coast Beverage Tour Itinerary

Creating Your Gold Coast Beverage Tour Itinerary

The Gold Coast offers a bounty of breweries and distilleries, so planning your itinerary is key to maximizing your experience. Here are some tips:

  • Know Your Preferences: Are you a hophead craving IPAs, or a gin enthusiast seeking unique botanical flavors? Tailor your visits to cater to your taste buds.
  • Mix and Match: Balance breweries with distilleries to experience the full spectrum of craft beverages.
  • Consider Location: Research breweries and distilleries clustered geographically to optimize travel time.

Recommended Routes and Schedules

  • Half-Day Tour: Focus on a few breweries or distilleries nearby. Aim for 2-3 locations, allowing enough time for tours and tastings.
  • Full-Day Tour: Explore a wider area, visiting 4-5 locations. Consider incorporating a lunch break at a local restaurant.

Booking Tours and Tastings

Most breweries and distilleries offer tours and tastings. Here’s how to secure your spot:

  • Book Online: Many establishments allow online booking, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • Call Ahead: For smaller producers or last-minute arrangements, a phone call is best.

What to Look For in Tour Packages:

  • Tour Length and Inclusions: See if the tour includes the brewing/distilling process, tastings, or food pairings.
  • Group Size: Consider if you prefer a small, intimate setting or a larger, more social experience.
  • Transportation: Does the tour include transportation between locations, or will you need to arrange your own?

Transportation Options for Your Tour

  • Designated Driver: Assign a responsible friend to abstain from drinking and drive everyone safely.
  • Ridesharing Services: Ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft offer a convenient and affordable way to get around.
  • Public Transportation: The Gold Coast has a reliable public transport system, but research timetables to ensure smooth travel between destinations.
  • Guided Tours: Many tour operators offer pre-arranged brewery or distillery tours, complete with transportation and insightful commentary.

Guided Tours vs. Self-Guided Tours

  • Guided Tours: Benefit from expert knowledge, transportation between locations, and curated experiences. Ideal for those who want to sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Self-Guided Tours: Offer flexibility and the ability to tailor your itinerary. Perfect for those who want to explore at their own pace.


  • Be Responsible: Drink responsibly and plan for designated drivers or safe transportation between locations.
  • Pace Yourself: It’s a marathon, not a sprint! Savour the flavours and avoid overindulging.
  • Have Fun! The Gold Coast’s craft beverage scene is a vibrant celebration of taste and community. So, raise a glass, explore, and enjoy the experience!

Local Favorites and Hidden Gems: Unveiling the Gold Coast’s Craft Beverage Secrets

Insider Tips: Where Locals Go

Ready to venture beyond the tourist trail? Here are some local favourites and hidden gems to include in your Gold Coast beverage tour:

  • Local Haunts: For a taste of the authentic Gold Coast, head to Burleigh Brewing Company, a local favourite known for its relaxed atmosphere and award-winning pale ales.
  • Off the Beaten Path: Tucked away in Currumbin Valley, znajdziesz (Polish for “you will find”) Tamborine Mountain Distillery, a hidden gem crafting small-batch, fruit-infused vodkas that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Festivals and Events Celebrating Craft Beverages

The Gold Coast comes alive with vibrant festivals celebrating the best of local craft beverages. Here are a few to keep an eye on:

  • Gold Coast Craft Beer & Food Festival: Sample an extensive selection of beers from across Australia alongside delicious food pairings. Enjoy live music and a festive atmosphere.
  • Tamborine Mountain Distillery Open Day: Go behind the scenes at Tamborine Mountain Distillery, witness the distillation process, and indulge in tastings of their unique spirits.

What to Expect at These Events:

  • Sample a wide variety of craft beers and spirits from local producers.
  • Learn about the brewing and distilling processes through interactive exhibits or demonstrations.
  • Enjoy live music, entertainment, and delicious food options.
  • Connect with fellow craft beverage enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the vibrant local scene.

FAQs: Visiting Breweries and Distilleries in Australia

1. What is the legal drinking age in Australia?

The legal drinking age in Australia is 18 years old. This applies to purchasing and consuming alcohol on brewery and distillery tours.

2. Are children allowed on brewery and distillery tours?

Policies on children vary, so it’s best to check with the specific brewery or distillery you’d like to visit. Some may allow children on tours as long as they are supervised by a guardian, while others may have age restrictions.

3. How much does a typical tour cost?

Tour prices can vary depending on the location, duration, and inclusions (tastings, meals, etc.). Expect to pay anywhere from around $20 to $50 per person.

4. Do I need to make reservations in advance?

Reservations are recommended, especially for popular breweries and on weekends. This ensures you get a spot on the tour and avoids disappointment.

5. What should I wear for a brewery or distillery tour?

Is there a dress code?

There’s usually no strict dress code, but comfortable, closed-toe shoes are recommended as tours may involve walking through production areas.

6. Can I purchase beverages directly from the brewery or distillery?

Many breweries and distilleries allow you to purchase beverages directly after the tour. Be sure to check their policy beforehand.

7. Are there non-alcoholic options available for those who don’t drink alcohol?

Some breweries and distilleries offer non-alcoholic beverages like soft drinks, water, or even their own brewed non-alcoholic beers.

8. What safety measures are in place for tours?

Breweries and distilleries prioritize safety. Tours are generally guided, and they may have specific rules about staying with the group and not touching equipment.

Conclusion: Embark on Your Gold Coast Craft Beverage Adventure with Confidence

The Gold Coast beckons with a world of flavor waiting to be explored. From award-winning breweries to innovative distilleries, the craft beverage scene offers a unique perspective on the region’s culture and passion.

This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to plan your perfect itinerary, discover hidden gems, and navigate the world of tours and tastings.

Now, it’s time to raise a glass and experience the Gold Coast’s craft beverage scene for yourself!

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