For most people who have never hired a car, it seems a simple enough process to walk into a car rental company, sign some documents and walk out with the keys in hand. Like many other areas in life, it isn’t that simple and when it comes to hiring a rental car, not all rental companies are created equal. Some of them have reams of documentation to be signed and initialled on every page, want to know everything about the driver including shoe size and insist on keeping their first born at the office until the car is returned.

That part about the shoe size and the first born is an exaggeration, but for some car rental companies, the rest is pretty close. They make the whole experience so stressful that many customers vow to never again hire a car for any reason. It shouldn’t be that way and when you hire a vehicle from Alpha Car Hire you get friendly service and great rates.

No Surprises in Rental Agreement

The rental agreement in full is on the company website for renters to read and understand before they make a booking. Bookings can also be done online, so it is not even necessary to visit their office until it is time to pick up the vehicle. It is even possible to use someone else’s credit card to pay for the rental, provided that person is listed on the rental agreement as the main driver.

Other conditions attached to renting an Alpha vehicle are relatively simple and what a reasonable person would expect when taking charge of a motor vehicle owned by someone else. Providing a copy of a current open driver licence for every driver on the agreement is standard practice. The minimum age of any driver must be 21 and all drivers must produce an ID when the vehicle is picked up.

Pre and Post Vehicle Handover Checks
On pickup, the cost of the rental plus a pre-authorisation of $100 will be required on a credit card as a security deposit. This deposit is held for the entire period of the rental and returned by the bank if there are no further charges. A vehicle check is done before hand over to identify any issues that were already present before the renter takes charge of the car. A similar check is done when the car is returned.

There are Alpha Car hire depot at airports making it easy for travellers to get off a flight and get straight into their pre-booked hire car. Their service is friendly and efficient, the hire process is simple and the price is always budget-conscious.