Whether it’s a package from family or a delivery from your latest online shopping, you’ve probably had experience with courier businesses in Oz. It’s an incredibly competitive industry in the country, especially around the high populous areas in and around the CBDs. They’re cheap, convenient, and efficient.

Anybody and nearly everybody who needs something shipped uses one courier service or the other, here’s why:

Awesome Basic Services

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Photo by Swift Courier Services

Even the very basics of their services offer a lot to love:

  • Cheap courier options for standard package deliveries (non-rush)
  • Rush or last minute deliveries (a tad more expensive but arrives save day, next day, or overnight)
  • Nationwide delivery, keeping your goods safe while it’s being shipped practically anywhere in the country.
  • Arrives right at your doorstep. All you have to do is book the service and wait for the package to arrive your or the receivers’ doorstep.

Partners With Local Businesses

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If you’ve ever seen parcel deliveries being made, you probably noticed that they’re not always consistent with branding on the vehicles. From bikes to cars to even trucks, you won’t always find the courier’s brand plastered everywhere. This is because, apart from having their own vehicles, they partner up with local car rental agencies. They can rent anything from a van hire for smaller parcels, UTE hire for items up to 1 tonne, and even truck hire for large deliveries up to 3 tonnes. As a consumer, you know that it’s important to support local industry. In the same way, local businesses supporting each other certainly helps with boosting the overall economy.

They’ll Share the Wealth With You

Photo by: www.moneymorning.com.au

Paying for both car finance and petrol weekly can take a chunk out of your funds, so every little bit of change counts. Let’s say you’re taking an interstate trip from Brisbane to Sydney. You gas up your car, get your sat nav, and hit the road. With fuel prices hiking up every now and then, you end up filling up your tank to the brim to make sure you get the cheapest rate for fuel before leaving Brissy. What if you can earn as much as your petrol costs along the way?

Whenever you’re going on a trip, and if you have some time to spare, check courier websites for jobs they need to outsource. All you need is a reliable vehicle, a mobile phone, and a computer. No training required, no start-up capitals, no fuss. It’s as simple as running errands for other people. You get to choose when you work, no need for 8 hour shifts. The best part is, you get paid! Yes, you read that right. It’s not just the local businesses who get to earn with courier services, even YOU can earn a few extra dollars with them. If you were going to take a trip to Sydney anyway, why not run a quick errand for someone along the way and make a quick buck? You might just make enough to cover for the petrol costs of your entire trip. If you take on a few more jobs, maybe more. Who knows? Maybe this week you’ll only need to worry about car repayments instead of that and petrol.

If it works out well and you like it, you might want to consider a career change and become your own boss as a professional courier. There are a number of firms in Sydney that are always on the lookout for good courier drivers. No car? No problem! You can always get a lease to buy or car finance. That way you have a car for both business and pleasure.

These are only a couple of reasons why we love couriers, what do you love about them? Shout out your favourite provider in the comments!