Don’t you just hate it when all you’ve ever done for the last few months is nothing but work? If that’s the case, then you’re definitely overdue for at a week off work. What do you do on an extended vacation? You go to Newcastle.

Visit Newcastle

There are plenty of things to do in Newcastle, it all depends on what you want to do. Here are a few things to consider doing in Newcastle:

Try the food

Long trips can take a toll on your energy. Recharge your batteries with some food prepared with love, when you stop by Beaumont Street in Hamilton or Darby Street in Newcastle City.

These places have fast become known for the great restaurants that line the street. Darby Street has cafes, coffee shops, bookstores, and boutiques; easily a paradise for coffee lovers and those looking for some peace and quiet.

Meanwhile, Beaumont Street pretty much has the same as Darby, but at night, the shops close, and the pubs open their doors to welcome their patrons. Dinner theatres also open up to offer supper to patrons along with a side of entertainment.

You will never be short on food choices when you visit either one of these locations.

Newcastle Knights game

There’s nothing like a rousing game of rugby to get your adrenaline pumping. No visit to Newcastle is complete without witnessing a Newcastle Knights game.

The Knights are the locals favourite team, and they often hold games at Hunter Stadium, located near Broadmeadow Station throughout Winter and Autumn.

If you’re going during that time of the year, make an effort to watch the local team play footy while you and your mates munch down on some Chico Rolls, indeed a great way to spend a day.

Visit Lake Macquarie

When people talk about Newcastle, one of the talking points is its beaches. However, it is also home to Lake Macquarie, a picturesque lake that connects to the Tasman Sea through a small channel.

The lake is twice as big as Sydney Harbour and is the perfect place for families to have a picnic. What’s more, if you love fishing and sailing, you and your mates will enjoy spending an afternoon at the mercy of the wind as you try to catch fish.

Hunter Valley

Are you a fan of wine? Hunter Valley is home to numerous wineries. Here you can take a tour and have some wine along the way.

Take the wine tours to see for yourself how some of your favourite wines are made. After the trip, you can ride the horse-drawn carriages and eat at one of its many restaurants and cafes.

Finally, if you have kids with you, come and visit the Walkabout Wildlife Park to see the Australian Wildlife in its natural habitat.

Blackbutt Reserve

Australia’s wildlife knows no bounds. We are best known for koalas. Now, everyone wants a chance to get close enough to touch a koala’s fur, you have that opportunity when you come and visit the Blackbutt Reserve.

Blackbutt is currently home to some of Australia’s more famous animals including kangaroos, emus, and of course koalas. You can hand feed the animals, and even snap vacation photos with koalas and other wildlife.

After a day of learning about the animals, go through one of the many bushwalks in the Reserve, or have a picnic. It’s a great way to top off your trip to Newcastle.

Newcastle has all sorts of activities and more for you to check out. One thing you should know though is that Newcastle is a prominent place, that is why we recommend you hire a vehicle within the city to make getting around a lot easier and to avoid the hassle of having to take public transport.