Have you ever been on a holiday – a quick visit to another city to catch up with old friends, deciding you’ll “save a bit of money” and rely on the local public transport system? How often has that worked out just as you planned? Sitting around at one of the stations in Brisbane only to find out the drivers have gone on strike or the train is currently at Fortitude Valley station – when you’re at Murarrie (that’s a 30 minute delay!!!). Or you’re in Sydney’s CBD having a little too much fun, the time goes past quickly – no more public transport until the next day’s service, the taxi ride alone cost two days worth of car hire in Sydney! This is without mentioning the canned sardine feeling of peak hour services. By the end of the trip the only thing you could think about was which car hire company you were going to use for your next trip. Fortunately, finding cheap car hire in Brisbane is a much more pleasant task than being crammed against loud, smelly school kids on the 3:30pm bus back to your hotel.

From as little as $31 a day, you can have the comfort of your own form of personal transport while giving you the freedom to explore and enjoy the new city as much or as little as you like. Are you in Brisbane and feel like a trip to Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast? Grab the keys (and your 10% Alpha Car Hire entry discount) and head on up. Weather is beautiful and you’re feeling a day out on your boogie? Head on down to the Gold Coast. No lengthy bus or train transfers to get to the beach here. Take advantage of Alpha Car Hire’s free hotel pickup and various discounts ranging from attractions and Sunday/Monday pickup.

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