If your type of holiday is trekking across rainforests and and sleeping under the stars, then Queensland is the place to be. Filled with scenic views, lush greeneries, and plenty of sunshine, this Australian state boasts plenty of camping destinations. From easy-to-navigate trails that are perfect for kids and first-time campers to remote locations not for the faint-hearted, Queensland has it all. When planning to explore the great outdoors, check out these top spots for a holiday you won’t forget:

Lake Somerset


Kids will surely love spending the afternoon playing golf, surfing, swimming, or fishing at Somerset Dam. Just an hour away from Brisbane, this site offers first-rate camping areas for tents and caravans. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry because Lake Somerset has plenty of free or affordable attractions. Trek along the Yowie Park and learn more about the Yowie, which is the Australian version of North America’s Big Foot and Himalaya’s Yeti. Before you hit your camping sack, gaze at the stars for a truly memorable experience. If you want to practice your off-roading skills, drive along the Land Cruiser Mountain Park trails.

Whitsunday Island

palm trees

Camping at the beach is always a fun way to spend the holiday. Whitsunday Island’s stunning ocean views provide the perfect backdrop for a bonfire, while affordable camping kits keep you warm and comfortable. Camping sites include Whitehaven Beach, Dugong Beach, Naris Beach, and Chance Bay. The Whitehaven Beach provides some of the most scenic spots, so it gets crowded during the day. The island can get jam-packed during public and school holidays, so make sure you book early.

Jardine River

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If you want to test your limits, head down to the Jardine River. This remote location is best known for its colorful landscape and dramatic sceneries that’ll leave you wanting for more. After hours of driving through the dusty roads, cool off in one of the pools formed by waterfalls that dot the landscape. Breath-taking drops make the hike more challenging, so be sure you’re equipped with the right gear and dressed in comfortable clothes. The long journey to this gorgeous destination is worth every drop of fuel because you get a glimpse of remote Aboriginal tribes and experience some of the most challenging 4WD trails in the region.

Teerk Roo Ra National Park

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Another destination for hard-core campers is Brisbane’s Teerk Roo Ra National Park. It has a couple of camping grounds (Platypus Bay and Horseshoe Bay) that are only accessible by boat and has little or no facilities at all. So if your idea of a holiday is roughing it out with just a tent, a fuel stove, and your backpack, then this is the perfect destination for your next holiday. Outdoor activities such as trekking, fishing, snorkeling, and kayaking are sure to keep you occupied for the rest of the day. Colorful sandstone ledges line the island, while jelly fish, dugongs, and spot turtles dot the shores and the crystal-clear waters.

Munga-Thirri National Park

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If beaches or rainforests aren’t your thing, drive a 4WD onto the Munga-Thirri National Park. The largest protected area in Queensland, this desert park is only for experienced campers. Harsh conditions and the fact that there are no designated camping grounds make it one of the most challenging camping destinations you will encounter. While enjoying the solitude, keep an eye out for desert animals and plants such as the mulgara and the Georgina gidgee.

When planning to visit remote camping sites, make sure you’re equipped with enough water, fuel, vehicle repair tools, and first aid supplies. Help can be days away, so you need to be self-sufficient. Wear the right gear or clothes since temperatures can range from freezing cold to scorching hot. Bring an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) or a satellite phone because mobile phone coverage isn’t available at many of these sites. Public transport to most of these locations are limited, so bring your own ride or hire a car in Brisbane for the trip.