Looking for an adrenaline rush on your next Queensland holiday? Then why not check out one of the surfing spots that dot Queensland’s scenic coastline? Its breath-taking pointbreaks attract plenty of local and international surfers who want to test their skills against spectacular waves and swells. Summer and autumn months are the best times to catch some waves, so end your summer or start your fall break with a splash by checking out any of these hot spots:

Duranbah Beach


Located between the Queensland and New South Wales border, D-Bah is the place to be to hone your surfing skills. A popular spot among well-known surfers, world champions Stephanie Gilmore and Mick Fanning consider D-Bah as practice grounds. Long rides and huge barrels provide just the right amount of excitement without overwhelming less experienced surfers. Visit this beach anytime from January to July for spectacular waves and amazing swells.

Noosa Heads
beachAside from its gorgeous coastal views, Noosa Heads is known for its amazing surfing spots. The list includes First Point, the National Park, and Tea Tree Bay. These spots can handle massive surf waves, providing the perfect hub for adrenaline junkies. During the autumn months, massive swells wrap the headland to form long water walls that crash into the bay. On peak days, crowds can get crazy because this is the go-to spot when all the other surfing spots become unavailable due to weather conditions. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional surfer, you’ll find the right waves for a proper wipe out.

Kirra Point

If you ask top surfers for their top 5 breaks, don’t be surprised if they mention Kirra Point. Famous for its multiple-barrel spots, you’ll be rubbing elbows with homegrown and international surfing stars on shortboards if you visit this spot at the right time. This place can get jam-packed during the autumn months, so watch out for other surfers when hitting the waves. Make sure you have basic surf handling skills because this place can churn out huge, solid swells and strong currents that can overwhelm inexperienced surfers.

Currumbin Alley

The Currumbin Alley provides the perfect waves from March to June, making it an ideal spot for an adrenaline-filled autumn break. When the swells go east, expect awesome waves to barrel into the rock shelf. Popular for its huge swells, you’ll see plenty of tow-in surfers and paddleboarders. Whatever you prefer–longboards or shortboards–you’re sure to have a blast here. Watch out for fellow surfers and fishing boats because the crowds can get crazy during the peak season.


For the ultimate ride of your life, head down to Superbank. This man-made surf spot provides some of the most challenging breaks: Greenmount, Rainbow Bay, and Snapper Rocks. A good starting point is at Snapper Rocks. Depending on the conditions, you can get tubed and enjoy a long ride until Greenmount. Crowds can get wild, especially when there’s a surfing competition. The Snapper Rocks will serve as an opening stop for the 2015 ASP World Championship Tour (Quicksilver Pro and Roxy Pro) from February 27 to March 11, so expect jam-packed waters in the coming days.

Starting your autumn holiday with a surfing trip to any of these spots is always an awesome idea, but make sure you check local weather updates. Take note of storm warnings because cyclones can cause huge waves and swells that can put even experienced surfers at risk. Also watch out for tricky rip currents that can be hard to maneuver if you’re highly inexperienced. For your own safety, make sure you have someone with you when going on a surfing trip.

Beach time means you’re packing a lot of essentials with you. Most especially when you’re bringing your own surf boards, public transport is hardly ever pleasant. Bring the whole gang and all your equipment to the surfing spots conveniently and comfortably with a car hire in Brisbane