Changing a tyre is an art. It’s a skill passed down upon the purchase of a first car from generation, to generation. Despite this prestige, it’s importance and the convenience that comes with the knowledge, majority of drivers on the road today do not know how to or do not feel confident at attempting to change a tyre alone. This is a quick guide designed to aid in helping you change a tyre and to remind you, that it isn’t rocket science!

The first thing to remember is that safety has to come first. Before you start, make sure you are on a flat surface out of the way of traffic and that you have turned on the hazard lights. Put that car in park and ensure the hand break it on. It is also a good idea to put a chock, a slab of wood or a brick, under the wheel on the opposite side to the flat tyre.

In the boot of the car you should find the spare wheel, a wheel brace and a jack. The jack fits into place in small groves on the inside of the wheel cut out.  It is important that the jack is sitting on a hard surface. If this is not available, try and locate a solid object that the jack can rest on.

Once the jack is in place turn the handle. This will start to move the cars weight from the flat tyre to the jack. Next you need to undo the wheel nuts. This is what the brace is for. Its important to keep a straight arm, and a straight back when you are doing this, so the nuts come of straight, not on an angle. Turn the brace anticlockwise. Keep the wheel brace at a horizontal angle to the ground and your body weight should be enough to loosen the nuts.

Once the nuts have been loosened use the jack to lift the car so there is enough space for a fully the new tyre. Then remove the nuts, and slowly pull away the wheel.  Next, take the new wheel and line up the car wheel holes first and then place it against the car wheels assembly.

Once you have lifter the wheel on to the car, place the nuts on and begin to tighten them. Start tightening fro the bottom, as this will hold the wheel in place. You do not want to tighten them fully as the wheel is yet to take any of the car weight. Unwind the jack slowly until it no longer carries any of the cars weight and remove it. You should now use the wheel brace to make sure the nuts are securely in place.

Once you are done, make sure the wheel looks straight, remove the chocks from the other side of the car and pack everything away!

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re driving your own car or a rental car, this is still an incredibly useful and important skill.

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