Life often has us working hard, and using our days off to do more work like cleaning the house and taking care of errands. Sometimes, the responsibilities and the fast-paced lifestyle of the city can become so overwhelming that you don’t even realise that you’re tired. Don’t you just wish that you can lie back and avoid the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

Fishing as a hobby

If you ever decide to take a hobby that requires nothing from you except an entire day of sunshine and the cool breeze, then fishing might be the sport for you. It’s a great reason to drive out of town, away from the noise and the pollution, cast a line, put your feet up and have a beer or two as you patiently wait for the fish to come to you.

And if you’re visiting Perth where fishing is a favourite hobby, then you might want to check out some of these fishing destinations:


Where the coast comes alive, this is the catch cry of the seaside town of Rockingham. The city has a few fishing spots you can try where you can catch whiting and tailor all year round. Visit in the summer to have a chance at finding some Tailor. Other fish you can catch in the area include Pink Snappers and Mulloway.

Coral Bay

coral bay - fishing spots

Coral Bay is the perfect fishing spot if you want to be surrounded by water for a day and catch some big fish to take home with you. Some of the fish you can expect to net in Coral Bay include Mahi-mahi, Mackerel, Rankin Cod, Pearl Perch and Red Emperor to name a few. There are also campsites where you can set up tents and spend an evening under the stars after a fun day of fishing.


busselton - fishing spots

Another excellent fishing spot around Perth is Busselton. Busselton offers some great fishing spots where you can catch some herring and squid. Finally, if you go around November, there’s a chance to catch some bonito or Samson. 


Albany offers a variety of fishing spots for the all-around fisherman. Spinners Charters is perfect for a day out in the ocean with your mates for deep sea fishing. Ocean Beach is excellent for those who just want to spend the day at the beach. And finally, Emu Point Channel located opposite of Mt. Martin is a popular destination for catching King George Whiting, Bream and Herring.


fremantle - fishing sposts

The town of Fremantle has its fair share of fishing spots that you can choose to visit. For land-based fishing spots, visitors can come to the wharf along Victoria Quay and North and South Mole. What sets Fremantle apart is its fishing platform designed to give access to disabled fishers.

If you don’t have a car to drive yourself to these fishing spots, consider using a car hire in Perth. This will allow you to enjoy your stay without having to rely on public transport and ride-sharing services.