When it comes to rugby, the Aussies know it best. This August, get the chance to see the rivalry up close and personal. As the Qantas Wallabies take on the New Zealand All Backs for the Bledisloe Cup.

The Bledisloe Cup Festival is set to happen from August 18 to 25. The festival gives fans in the area the chance to catch this rivalry live. As they play their first game here in Sydney at the ANZ Stadium.

The Bledisloe Cup was instituted in 1931 and has created one of the biggest rivalries in rugby history. 

So far since the games started, New Zealand has won the cup 19 times, and Australia only four times. The Cup has three games to determine the victor. For this year, the first game will be in Sydney and the next two will be in New Zealand.

Support your local team as they take on New Zealand in the tournament and meet fellow fans of the game and the team during the games.

It’s also a great place to escape for a weekend with your fellow rugby fanatic friends. Here, you can spend time together cheering on your team.

Now is your only chance to root for the Wallabies on Australian soil, so don’t pass up the opportunity to book your tickets online, and take the day off to see some great rugby action. While you’re at it, might as well get a car hire service in Sydney to help you get to the station in style.