The thought of leaving your furry friend behind whilst you enjoy a holiday with family and friends is heart breaking. The sad stares through the window as you leave and the howling as your car hits the pavement, spurs a tang of guilt that could last the length of your holiday! It isn’t always convenient to travel with pets but we’ve done some research for you, to ensure that it is just as easy not to leave your best friend behind next time you travel!

Firstly, if your pet isn’t trained, you will not enjoy a holiday with them, no matter how much you love them. Make sure they listen to your command and know at least the basics; sit, come and stay, before you start planning the trip. A couple of obedience classes leading up to the holiday can really make a difference for naughty puppies!

If you are renting a car, it’s important you know the company policy on pets. Majority of companies will charge a cleaning cost, or request that you clean the vehicle before you return it. When you are making a booking, clarify this with the company and find out exactly what is required.

When travelling in a vehicle, pets require a seatbelt to ensure they do not become distracting, or are in danger in the event of an accident. Pet seatbelts are available in all pet sizes and can be found at all pet stores.

The next thing on your list of things to do is to find somewhere to stay. Most hotels will list if they are pet friendly but rather than searching through hotel after hotel, use an accommodation search engine. These give you the choice to select a ‘pet’ friendly hotel in your travelling region, so you’ll know your options straight away!

With your furry pal by your side, you can enjoy your holiday without the anxiety that results from leaving them behind!

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