With its stretch of perfect beaches, golden sun, and white sand, visitors just cannot get enough of the Sunshine Coast. 

A day in the Sunshine Coast

Spending at least a week or so in town is essential, but not everyone is gifted with the time to do so. Listen up while we discuss how to spend a day or 24 hours in the Sunny Coast, so you can make the most out of it!

Wake up at 5 in the morning

netanya noosa beachfront resort

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Wake up early to the sound of the beach waves, and you are sure to have a great day ahead.The Netanya Noosa Resort  offers an amazing beachfront view, great amenities, beautiful rooms, and a whole lot more. Upon waking up, you can choose to take a morning walk along the shores or swim in the clear water. You can also choose to have a picnic at the Noosa National Park, or visit the Noosa river for a session of yoga or pilates.

Take your breakfast at 7 AM
season restaurant noosa

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Prepare for a fun-filled day ahead by having your breakfast at the Season Restaurant! This place is usually famous for its delicious food and beachfront dining, so you better arrive early to get the best seats. If you are health conscious, then you’d surely enjoy the fresh fruit plate and smashed avocado. One of their bestsellers, the big breakfast, includes two eggs, crispy bacon, grilled chipolatas, truss tomato, mushrooms, Season chilli jam, and ciabatta. If you’ve got your kids with you, there’s no need to worry – as they also offer a menu especially made for kids.

Visit the Eumundi Market at 9 AM
the original eumundi markets

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The Eumundi Market is only open every Wednesday and Saturday, but you definitely have to visit if you have the chance. The bargain is marvelous, and there are a lot of stalls that you can choose from. One great thing about it is that it supports emerging small businesses, which helps new companies be well-known.

Eat lunch at the Flame Hill Vineyard and Restaurant at 12 noon
flame hill vineyard and restaurant

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Enjoy your lunch while being surrounded by the quiet that is the Flame Hill Vineyard and Restaurant. The area is so serene that you would want to live here forever. Enjoy the grass, trees, and fresh air while eating the freshest seafood or the tastiest beef and pork in the area!

Head to the South-East at around 2 PM
bulcock beach and kings beach

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After a meal at the Flame Hill Vineyard, head on to the south-east part of the city. Choose to either lay down on the sand and bathe under the sun or take a quick dip in the clear, blue waters.

King’s Bulcock or the Golden Beach are both great choices for swimming and sunbathing. For a more convenient trip, it’s best to go with a car rental in Sunshine Coast. No time constraint, plus you do not have to share the ride with anyone else than your loved ones.

Watch the sunset at 6 PM
the sunset bar noosa

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Enjoy the romantic sunset on to Noosa River. Where you can climb up to the top deck, also called “the sunset bar”. After watching the sun go down, you can dine downstairs for some Mooloolaba prawn salad and seafood platter.

Get your alcohol fix at 9 PM
miss moneypenny's noosa

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When in Maroochydore, you definitely have to end the night by drinking a cocktail at Miss Moneypenny’s. Just remember to go straight to bed right after drinking – no driving after!

Sunshine Coast is a very “chill” place – one that every individual needs to visit at least once in their lives.