There’s nothing better than going on a road trip. The wind in your hair, the road in front of you, with no mind to your troubles. But you know what’s better than a road trip? A road trip with a loved one. Particularly, your mum.

It’s almost Mother’s Day. Have you made plans with your mum yet? Instead of giving her flowers, go the extra mile and take her on a road trip.

A Drive with Your Mum

Growing up, you and your mum had your differences. Now, as an adult, you can see that she only wanted what was best for you. And if you’re a parent yourself now, you finally understand what she had to deal with when you were younger.

Spend some time with her and catch up on each other’s lives. If you need more reason to go for a drive with your mum, then here are a few more reasons to do just that:

Reconnect with Your Mum


After you’ve moved out and started your own life, it can be hard to catch up with your mum. A road trip with her will give you a chance to reconnect and give your mum a treat.

You’ll be surprised how excited she will be, and she can even help you make plans. From deciding where to go, down to the things you will do together.

An alternative is to decide to go to a destination you both like. It can be a place you used to go to together, or something similar. That way, you can maximise your enjoyment and create new memories.

Create Memories

create new memories

Speaking of memories, taking all sorts of photos with your mum and doing activities together can help strengthen your bond, and the pictures will be there to remind you of these moments.

What’s more, you can let your creativity run wild with these photographs and create a budget-friendly present for your mum.

Encourage New Activities and Explore

encourage new activities and explore

As you plan your trip, make it a point to tell your mum about some of the activities she has never tried before. For example, you can encourage her to try out horseback riding, or some other exciting activity, and she can encourage you to try out an exotic dish from a Thai restaurant that you would have otherwise avoided.

Having someone close to you like your mum to encourage you to do activities can work wonders on your relationship.

Find Things You Both Like

find something you both like
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Now that your mum no longer has to clean up after you, and you don’t have to ask her for much, you begin to see each other a lot differently. As adults, it’s easier to connect with your parents as you can see where they are coming from.

The better understanding of each other’s situation allows you to connect in a way you never could when you were young. A road trip with your mum gives you the opportunity to discover what the other likes and dislikes. You’d be surprised with the similarities in taste you have.

When you travel with your mum, you get to learn new things, and you might even see each other in a new life. Who knows, you might find that you have a lot more in common with her now that you are older and supporting yourself.

So, why not take time off work, book a reliable car hire service from Alpha Car Hire, and plan your next road trip with your mum.