Spend time with your kids while they’re still young. A fun family activity is going on a road trip and checking out the things to do in Newcastle with kids. Here in Newcastle, there is always something for you and your kids to do. It’s all a matter of finding the right activity for everyone in the family.

As you make your plans and lock-in bookings for car hire services in Newcastle and accommodation, make it a point to plan what you want to do with your kids when you’re out and about. This saves you time and allows you to come up with a schedule on when you will arrive at specific locations and how many activities you can try before needing to return to your hotel room for the day. Here are a few activities you and your kids might enjoy in Newcastle:

  • Visit the Newcastle Museum – If you’re thinking about regular stuffy museums, then think again! The Newcastle Museum is an excellent place for kids to expand their horizons and satisfy their curiosity. At the Newcastle Museum, kids can spend as much time as they want at the Supernova and Mininova exhibits. At the Supernova, they can do all sorts of science experiments that will keep them busy for at least a few hours. Here they can discover how to create tornadoes, play in magnetic fields, and so much more. Meanwhile, the Mininova is more suited for the younger members of your family. Children here can play in the tunnels, climb mountains and challenge their minds with age-appropriate puzzles.
  • Swimming at Canoe Pool – Best done during the warmer seasons, take the family for a dip at Canoe Pool. The pool is shallow and surrounded by sand, the perfect place to wade in the water and build sandcastles and play with other kids. Just remember to bring your sun shelter if you plan to visit in the summer. That way, you and your kids can have a place to stay out of the sun’s rays.
  • Explore Blackbutt Reserve – Energetic kids need a healthy outlet that will allow them to redirect all that energy and enthusiasm positively. Blackbutt Reserve is a great place to take your kids who are always looking for a new adventure. Blackbutt is home to 180 hectares of bushland complete with a variety of walking trails, picnic grounds; kids play equipment and wildlife exhibits that should be enough to keep you and your kids entertained for an entire day.
  • Newcastle Farmers Market – For older kids with interest in the arts, whether artisan or culinary, the Newcastle Farmers Market is a great place to visit. Here, they can meet local farmers and find out how to grow their food to satisfy their curiosity, as well as learn more about a craft they are looking to get into when they are older. It’s a great stepping stone for your kids that can potentially turn into a bonding moment that you will always remember.
  • Treetops Adventure Park – Ever wondered what birds see when they’re on top of trees? At Treetops Adventure Park, you can find out.  Aside from the rope bridges, you and your kids can zip line through trees, and race the flying foxes living in the area. It’s an excellent place for an adventure like no other.
  • Skatepark at Newcastle Beach – For kids who love to skate and ride scooters, the skate park at Newcastle Beach is a must-visit. Here, they can catch air and practice their tricks and maybe meet a new friend or two during their ride. It’s a great way to practice their discipline and develop a sense of confidence in their chosen hobby.

These are just some of the many activities you can try when you come to Newcastle. Of course, to get from one destination to another without hassle, you are going to need to drive there.
Luckily, booking car hire services in Newcastle is easy to contact and make a reservation ahead of time, so you can focus more on enjoying the things you can do in Newcastle with your kids.

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