Australia is known as being the largest island in the world. With beautiful beaches, spectacular weather throughout most of the year and a varied mix of cultures from around the globe, it is the perfect place to plan a holiday. One of the best ways to see what Australia has to offer is to take a road trip along the east coast. This section of Australia features popular destinations such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

If you are interested in seeing the east coast of Australia, the best way to do it is by car. And the best way to get this is with car hire. Whether you begin in Melbourne and go up the coast or start in Brisbane and head south, Alpha Car Hire has a car hire location near your intended destination.

Alpha Car Hire offers car hire in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, with a wide range of cars and commercial vehicles to choose from, ranging from small hatchbacks and SUVs to utes and trucks. Whether you are travelling with your partner, your family or half a dozen friends, Alpha Car Hire has the vehicle to suit with all the luxuries you expect. They also have extras like a Sat Nav and baby seats at a small additional fee.

With summer coming up, now is the perfect time to take a road trip in Australia. Melbourne, in Victoria, is known as the cultural hub of Australia, offering visitors great food, fashion and arts. New South Wales is home to the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Brisbane and its surrounding cities, situated in the sunshine state of Australia, delivers spectacular beaches, famous theme parks and incredible weather.

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