The Gold Coast has an active and exciting shopping area that brings in people who live there and visitors. It has many unusual places to shop, giving an unmatched experience for anyone looking for good shopping deals and special items. 

On the Gold Coast, there are many places to shop, from fancy stores to markets by the sea. You can find diverse kinds of shops for all sorts of likes and wants. If you like expensive things or enjoy items made by hand, this place offers both options. 

1. Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, located in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, is one of Australia’s biggest shopping places and has a wide space with many different kinds of shops and services.

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Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

High-end and International Brands

1. Chanel:

Chanel, a famous French brand for fashion, opened a shop at the Pacific Fair where they sell classic and fancy clothes and accessories. People who like traditional style will find what they need from Chanel’s collection.

2. Gucci:

Gucci, an Italian high-end brand, welcomes customers to enjoy its distinctive mix of daring style and traditional handiwork. You can find a carefully chosen assortment of clothing and accessories at the Gucci store in Pacific Fair.

3. Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton symbolises elegance and high status and is well-known at the Pacific Fair. The shop provides various luxurious leather items, accessories, and stylish clothing.

4. Prada:

Prada is a well-known Italian fashion brand famous for its modern designs and sophisticated style. The Pacific Fair store offers a carefully chosen collection of Prada’s signature accessories and clothing items.

5. Dior:

Dior is a French high-end brand known for its classic elegance and refinement. The Pacific Fair shop presents a selection of Dior’s fine fashion, add-ons, and cosmetic items.

You should not miss out on Dior’s beautiful handbags, famous sunglasses, and their newest clothes and perfumes.

6. Burberry:

Burberry is a British brand known for luxury fashion, and it combines traditional style with new trends at Pacific Fair. This shop has various famous trench coats, accessories, and modern clothes available.

High-end Jewellers:

1. Tiffany & Co.:

Tiffany & Co., the famous luxury jewellery brand from America, brings elegance to the Pacific Fair. This boutique showcases fine jewellery, rings for proposals and classic designs unique to Tiffany.

2. Cartier:

The French luxury jewelry maker, Cartier, brings its classic and famous designs to the Pacific Fair. This shop displays a variety of Cartier’s fine jewellery pieces, timepieces, and fashion accessories.

High-end Fashion Labels:

1. Versace:

The Italian high-end fashion brand Versace offers its striking and elegant styles at the Pacific Fair. This shop includes a variety of unique Versace apparel, accessories, and shoes.

2. Saint Laurent:

Saint Laurent, the fashion brand from France known for luxury, has a store in Pacific Fair that brings a style that is both effortlessly fashionable and has an edgy feel. This shop showcases a carefully chosen assortment of their clothing line, accessories and shoes.

Entertainment Options and a Wide Range of Dining Choices:

The Gold Coast caters to every kind of traveller, offering a dazzling array of entertainment options and a world of culinary delights. From heart-pounding theme parks to laid-back beachfront dining, you’ll find something to satisfy every member of your group.

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1. Cinema Complex:

Pacific Fair has a modern cinema complex that offers top-quality movie screenings with new big movies and advanced equipment. It would help if you tried out the Gold Class cinema for a luxurious experience. It comes with very comfortable seats and high-quality food that will make watching movies even better.

2. Diverse Dining Choices:

a. Kiyomi:

Kiyomi is a well-known Japanese restaurant located at the Pacific Fair. It provides an elegant and modern place to eat. The menu at this restaurant has been made by chefs who have won awards, and it blends old-style Japanese food with new culinary ideas.

b. The Star Gold Coast:

The Star Gold Coast is a key component of the larger area, enhancing Pacific Fair’s dining options with many choices for food. It provides everything from simple food places to upscale eating establishments, serving different preferences in cuisine.

c. Black Coffee Lyrics:

If you love coffee, Black Coffee Lyrics is a place to go in the Pacific Fair. This fashionable cafe has a comfortable environment where you can enjoy well-made coffee and various handmade pastries.

d. The Patio:

The Patio gives you a calm place to eat outside at Pacific Fair. It is around many plants, and it’s perfect for relaxing and trying different kinds of food, from light salads to big meals.

2. Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

The Beachfront Markets at Surfers Paradise give a unique shopping adventure with a beautiful beach view that makes an atmosphere like no other.


Local Artisans and Handmade Crafts

1. Coastal Creations Collective:

Dive into a group showing art inspired by the coast. You will find everything from seashells painted by hand to home decorations with detailed beach themes. Coastal Creations Collective presents many crafted pieces that capture the spirit of seaside life.

2. Artistry in Wood:

Explore how local wood is turned into beautiful handcrafted items. This stall has wooden sculptures, coasters and special decoration pieces that show the beauty of natural materials.

3. Seaside Stitchworks:

Explore the skill of making textiles at Seaside Stitchworks. Artisans from this area give energy to cloth, they make by hand things like embroidered works and warm blankets for the beach that show the beauty of coast life.

Evening Markets with a Lively Atmosphere:

1. Cultural Performances:

Enhance your night with cultural shows that display our area’s variety of skills. You can see folk dances and native songs, bringing a cultural touch to the vibrant surroundings.

2. Artisanal Dessert Stalls:

Discover the joy of eating sweet treats made by skilled people at special stands. Enjoy chocolates made with care, high-quality ice cream, and rich cakes while you walk around night markets.

3. Interactive Art Stations:

Summary: Get involved with art by using your hands at interactive stations around the market. Artists from the area could show their work live, and you can join in to make little artworks of your own.

4. Twilight Craft Workshops:

Explore your artistic talents at the evening craft workshops in the market. You can make your own keepsakes or art pieces with help from experienced craftsmen.

3. Robina Town Centre

Robina Town Centre is a busy place for shopping and fun, found in the centre of Gold Coast. It has many stores and places to enjoy yourself, making it popular for people living nearby and those coming from far away.


Large Selection of Fashion, Homeware, and Electronics Stores:

1. Fashion Haven:

Explore new fashion tendencies at Fashion Haven, a favourite spot for those who love clothes. You can find famous worldwide labels and local creators here, providing various styles to keep your wardrobe up-to-date.

2. Home & Beyond:

Overview: Home & Beyond is a place for people who want good-looking things for their home. You can find a chosen range of furniture, important kitchen stuff, and things to decorate your house with that are not only useful but also nice to look at.

3. Gadget Gallery:

For those who love technology, Gadget Gallery is a special place with innovations. The shop has many modern electronics, including the newest gadgets and advanced appliances for an experience focused on technology when shopping.

Dining Precinct with Diverse Cuisine Options:

1. Global Bites Food Court:

In the Global Bites Food Court, you can taste different foods from around the world. There are many kinds of dishes, like ones from Asia and places near the Mediterranean Sea. People come to eat together in a place full of colour and life.

2. Gourmet Grove:

Gourmet Grove is a special place for people who love food, with many high-quality restaurants to choose from. You can enjoy very nice meals in fancy restaurants or have a relaxed meal in simple places, all located in the pleasant surroundings of Robina Town Centre.

4. Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre

Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre is known for its high-quality brands sold at reduced prices, drawing in smart shoppers who want good merchandise without spending too much money.


Over 240 Stores Offering a Variety of Brands:

1. Fashion Outlet Emporium:

Fashion Outlet Emporium is a place where shoppers can find many different clothing brands. It has both expensive designer clothes and well-liked everyday outfits, appealing to various fashion tastes and choices.

2. Brands Galore Electronics:

Explore the universe of reduced-price electronics at Brands Galore. This shop presents a broad assortment of devices, household machines, and technological add-ons for an insightful buying journey.

3. Homestead Haven:

Homestead Haven offers a wide selection of home items at reduced prices, including fashionable furniture and important kitchen tools. Customers can find many different products for the home while still enjoying good quality.

Family-Friendly Environment with Playgrounds and Entertainment:

1. Kids’ Adventure Zone:

Overview: Harbour Town provides a welcoming environment for families, including the Kids’ Adventure Zone. This special section has playgrounds and places for children to engage in play, offering an enjoyable space for our younger guests.

2. Entertainment Pavilion:

The Entertainment Pavilion is a place where live shows and events happen, giving families and single people a good time. It has many music concerts and cultural performances that make the shopping centre more fun.

5. The Oasis Shopping Centre

Located in Broadbeach, The Oasis Shopping Centre provides a special kind of shopping with many different stores that have something for everyone’s taste.

The Oasis Shopping Centre

Unique and Specialty Stores:

1. Eclectic Emporium:

Eclectic Emporium is a special place for people who want to find unique things. The shop collects different items, like crafts made by hand and unusual gifts, giving customers a shopping experience that’s not the same as other places.

2. Chic Couture Corner:

Chic Couture Corner is a small fashion shop for people who love style. It displays a chosen variety of clothes and accessories, with attention to fashionable and unique items.

3. Artisan Alley:

Artisan Alley is a celebration of hand-making skills, offering various products made by hand. This includes soaps made by artisans and jewellery crafted with care. The store welcomes guests to discover the craftsmanship in every piece.

Alfresco Dining Options and Casual Eateries:

1. Oasis Bistro & Bar:

Overview: Oasis Bistro & Bar presents outdoor eating with a calm atmosphere. Guests can have different kinds of food, ranging from simple snacks to fancy dishes, in an open-air environment.

2. Garden Cafe Haven:

Overview: Garden Cafe Haven is perfect for a relaxed meal. It’s surrounded by plants and offers a peaceful place to have coffee, simple dishes, and sweets.

6. Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Cavill Avenue is a famous area in Surfers Paradise that mixes shopping and fun activities for both local people and visitors.


Fashion Boutiques, Surf Shops, and Souvenir Stores:

1. Surf Style Haven:

Surf Style Haven is a place for people who love surfing. They have many kinds of clothes for surfing, tools and things that go with them. If you like to live near the sea, this shop is important to see.

2. Chic Coastal Couture:

Chic Coastal Couture offers fashionable beach styles. The shop has trendy beachwear and clothes for resorts, ideal for people wanting a fashionable look by the sea.

3. Memorabilia Marketplace:

Memorabilia Marketplace serves as a rich collection of souvenirs. It offers various trinkets and keepsakes for travellers to remember the spirit of Surfers Paradise.

Street Performers and Nightlife Options:

1. Vibrant Busking Zone:

Cavill Avenue becomes energetic as street performers display their skills. This area for buskers brings a lively quality to the road, making it full of life.

2. Nightlife Hotspots:

When the evening comes, Cavill Avenue changes into a centre for night activities. It has many bars, clubs and places where people can enjoy themselves to experience the lively atmosphere that comes after sunset.

7. The Strand at Coolangatta

Located next to the coast, The Strand in Coolangatta provides a beautiful place for shopping and eating by the beach. It also offers wide and beautiful views of the sea, making a calm setting for relaxed shopping and eating.

The Strand at Coolangatta Shopping

Local and International Brands with a Relaxed Atmosphere:

1. Coastal Couture Collective:

Coastal Couture Collective mixes styles from here and elsewhere, giving many different clothes and accessories. The shop reflects a relaxed seaside vibe in what it sells for fashion.

2. Seaside Marketplace:

Seaside Marketplace is a combination of local crafters and international labels. It offers everything from swimwear to everyday items, reflecting the laid-back atmosphere of Coolangatta.

3. Oceanfront Eateries:

Having a meal at the restaurants by the sea on The Strand is a wonderful experience. Guests have many choices of food to taste as they listen to the calming noise of ocean waves.

Each place, having its special appeal, adds to the lively and varied scene of shops and fun on the Gold Coast.

8. Elkhorn Avenue, Main Beach

Elkhorn Avenue in Main Beach is known as a fancy place for shopping, drawing people who like high-class experiences.


High-end Boutiques and Designer Stores:

1. Elysian Couture:

Elysian Couture is a top-level shop that provides fashionable designer clothes and accessories. It concentrates on classy and refined styles, featuring selected ranges for people who are looking for high-end fashion items.

2. Opulent Jewels Gallery:

The Opulent Jewels Gallery is a special place for people who love jewellery. In this shop, you can find beautiful jewellery made with uncommon gems and valuable metals, created by famous designers.

3. Haute Homeware Haven:

Haute Homeware Haven serves people who enjoy luxury in their home decorations. They offer a variety of high-end furniture and designer items for the kitchen, carefully chosen to enhance stylish living spaces.

Upscale Dining Options for a Sophisticated Experience:

1. Gastronomic Grandeur:

Gastronomic Grandeur is a high-quality restaurant located on Elkhorn Avenue. It has an elegant atmosphere and serves gourmet food, providing a superior dining adventure for customers with refined tastes.

2. Vintage Vineyard Lounge:

The Vintage Vineyard Lounge blends sophistication with a comfortable setting. This high-quality wine bar offers a wide variety of excellent wines and fancy small plates, making it an ideal place for enjoyment.

9. Sanctuary Cove Marine Village

Sanctuary Cove Marine Village is a nice place for shopping that has a sea theme and shows what life by the coast is like.


Boutique Stores and Art Galleries:

1. Nautical Nook Boutique:

Nautical Nook Boutique showcases a lifestyle by the sea, offering clothes and accessories with nautical influences. The shop selects special boutique pieces that reflect the theme of the ocean.

2. Seaside Art Gallery:

The Seaside Art Gallery displays art pieces with a sea theme, created by artists from the area and also famous ones. You can see paintings and sculptures there, offering visitors an experience of culture in this coastal town.

3. Coastal Curiosities Emporium:

Coastal Curiosities Emporium is a small shop that sells special gifts and trinkets with a coastal theme. People can look around at the delightful selection of things that show what life by the coast is like.

Waterfront Dining and Scenic Views:

1. Harborview Brasserie:

Harborview Brasserie presents dining by the water with wide views of the boat dock. Famous for its fish dishes and skilled cooking, it gives a pleasant meal experience.

2. Marina Sunset Lounge:

The Marina Sunset Lounge is a perfect place to have drinks and relax. It has beautiful views of the marina when the sun goes down, creating a peaceful environment for guests to calm down.

10. Burleigh Heads Village

Burleigh Heads Village is a shopping area with a bohemian and eclectic style, reflecting a relaxed and artistic atmosphere.

The village markets Burleigh Heads

Trendy Boutiques, Vintage Stores, and Surf Shops:

1. Boho Chic Boutique:

Boho Chic Boutique selects fashionable clothes and accessories with a bohemian touch. This shop reflects the lively spirit of the Burleigh Heads culture scene.

2. Retro Waves Vintage Emporium:

Retro Waves Vintage Emporium is a sanctuary for lovers of vintage things. This store provides old-fashioned clothing and collector items, giving customers a trip back in time through the years.

3. Surfside Haven:

Surfside Haven serves the surfing community in Burleigh Heads with a variety of surf clothing, boards, and extras for those who love living by the sea.

Cafes and Eateries with a Relaxed Beachside Vibe:

1. Sandy Toes Café:

Sandy Toes Café captures the easy-going atmosphere of the beach with its informal environment. It is recognised for handcrafted coffee and snacks, making it a popular place for both residents and tourists.

2. Bohemian Bites Bistro:

Bohemian Bites Bistro presents a mix of tastes in a relaxed environment. This eatery has a varied selection on the menu, including different kinds of food that show the free-spirited nature of the local area.

Tips for Shopping on the Gold Coast

Start your shopping adventure in the Gold Coast’s lively markets and malls where many different types of stores are found, suited for various styles and likes. Visit well-known places and find special items as you follow our detailed guide to the shopping spots in the Gold Coast.

  • Timing is Key: Arrange to do your shopping on weekdays or when it’s not busy so you can stay away from places with lots of people. Going early in the morning or later towards the evening might give you a quieter time.
  • Parking Wisdom: Search for malls with lots of easy parking spaces. You might find spots where you can park at no cost or maybe pay less, which makes your shopping trip better.
  • Event Awareness: Keep yourself updated on local happenings and celebrations that may align with your trip. Certain events might attract more people or provide special deals, enhancing the worth of your shopping experience.
  • Local Transport Options: Look into the public transport options or think about renting a car in Gold Coast for more freedom when travelling to different shopping areas. This way, you can use your time better without problems related to getting around.
  • Sale Periods: Watch for times when shops have sales or special offers because they often reduce prices. If you shop during these periods, you can save a lot of money.
  • Dine-In Delight: Find places to eat nearby or inside the shopping areas. Having a meal is nice for resting and getting energy back while you shop.
  • Explore Beyond Mainstream: While famous shopping centres are attractive, also visit small local markets and individual shops for special items and a shopping experience that feels more personal.
  • Local Currency: Make sure to carry local money with you, especially if going to markets or little shops where they might not take cards.
  • Security Measures: Always watch your things and be careful when there are many people. It is good to make sure important stuff is safe and pay attention to what’s happening around you.

shopping on the Gold Coast Tips

Final thoughts

The shopping atmosphere in Gold Coast is rich and varied, with different areas providing distinct experiences to match various likes and choices. We invite readers to go on a shopping journey and explore the best experience of shopping that Gold Coast provides, with its mix of high-end stores and outdoor markets by the beach, where every area is full of different surprises for people to find.

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