Imagine this: you’re driving down a road you’ve been through a thousand times before, and all of a sudden, your tyres start to melt.

It sounds like something from a nightmare because it is. And on Tuesday, it became a reality when drivers going down Malanda Millaa Millaa Road in North Queensland sustained damage on their vehicles caused by the asphalt.

One of the drivers was Bridget Daley. Her tyres were coated in thick asphalt, which gave it a ‘melted’  look. While some of it had even knocked off her mudguard.

Another road asphalt victim is a semi-truck.  which sustained damage to all 34 of its tyres, plus its brake mechanism.

The week prior, work was done on the road. But thanks to the inclement weather, the gravel failed to set properly. When the hot weather hit, the asphalt started melting, and thus clung to unsuspecting driver’s tyres as they passed.

Once reports came flooding in, officials were quick to respond and are now patching up the road to prevent any more damage to vehicles. They will also give compensation to the affected cars.

So, the next time you’re driving through the area on your cheap car rental Queensland, always stay alert and be safe.

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