There are beaches, but then there are resort pools, which are basically just as good, if you don’t consider the fact that they don’t have sand and that there are tiles at the bottom instead of seaweed. Whatever the case, you’ll enjoy just the same, especially if the resort is in the vibrant, colourful beach town of Sunshine Coast.

The thing with visiting a popular holiday destination is that you won’t run out of options when it comes to resorts because they’re virtually everywhere; in fact, if you go by rental car in Sunshine Coast and try to scour the town for good accommodations on your first day here, you’ll find so many options that you’ll find it difficult to settle for just one. But that would be a waste of time if you do that, so you’d better plan ahead and consider your travel basics, budget, number of people staying with, and all other prerequisites prior to booking in order to zero in on the resort that would best fit your needs.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you make the best choice.

Here’s a couple of resorts you can check out:

Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas

peppers noosa resort and villasImage by Peppers-Noosa-Resort-Villas-Pools (

Peppers Noosa brings a modern twist to the classic, traditional Aussie beach house with its light, airy interiors decked in predominantly glass and marble, touched by hints of nature in greens, golds, and blues. You can immediately feel the opulence in the surrounding once you step on the property grounds, with the bejeweled glimmer of the infinity pool striking against the immaculate marbled exterior of the luxurious, towering villa. Upon entering your penthouse or suite, the elegant furnishing matched with the polished finishes make for a majestic, royal holiday that will surely etch a memory in your mind.

Each suite, apartment, and penthouse boasts of spectacular views of the southern paradise, with an expansive backdrop of the brilliant blue horizon touching the aquamarine sea in the distance. You can take your pick from the available rooms: Studio, Apartment with 1-, 2-, or 3-bedrooms, and the ultimate three-bedroom penthouse, sprawled on one level for your privacy and surrounded by the stunning panorama of Laguna Bay and the greenery of Noosa National Park.
Peppers Noosa features a host of 5-star amenities, such as a pool bar, luxurious ocean day spa, heated lagoon pool and 25m lap pool, gym with steam room, a theatrette and games room, complimentary wireless Internet services, and fully equipped kitchens for the rooms.

33A Viewland Drive, Noosa Heads, QLD 4567
Phone (International): +61 07 5665 4426
Toll-free (AU): 1300 987 600
Toll-free (NZ): 0800 275 373

Chateau Royale Beach Resort

chateau royale beach resort

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Just a stone’s throw from the famous golden surf beach in Maroochydore stands the Chateau Royale Beach Resort, a spacious property decked in immaculate white with a modern, towering building boasting of fully self-contained beach houses and holiday apartments. Luxury is at the heart of Chateau Royale, with each unit offering panoramic ocean, hinterland, and river views from Mooloolaba to Noosa. The resort perhaps boasts of the best views in all of Sunshine Coast, so the spacious, private balconies in each room are indeed already luxuries by themselves.

Chateau Royale houses several types of accommodations for you to choose from: two- and three-bedroom apartments, the luxurious 3-bed rooftop penthouses, and the tropical beach houses. The multi-level Maroochydore beach houses are directly across the surf beach, with rooftop terraces, single lock up garages, and private rear courtyards. They’re basically like mini-resorts on their own, so they’re ideal accommodations for large families on vacation.

The two-level holiday penthouses, on the other hand, each come with a fully equipped kitchen, exclusive rooftop area, a large, private balcony, two baths, complimentary broadband Internet access, and TV with DVD player. More than the luxury of the resort itself, the majestic, golden-green views of Maroochy River, Coolum Beach, Noosa, Maroochydore Beach, and the Hinterlands all come together to provide a symphony of colours and spectacular, picture-perfect scenery to guests, a stunning vista that will make your vacation even more unforgettable.

19 Memorial Avenue, Cotton Tree – Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, QLD 4558
Phone: +61 07 5443 0300
Toll-free: 1800 330 300

Take your pick from these two lovely resorts, or choose from the handful of other equally great holiday accommodations in Sunshine Coast. If you’re willing to stretch your budget, then go for Peppers Noosa, where each day feels like a dream as you bask in the glorious scenery spanning the resort surroundings. Or you can go surf the famous golden Maroochydore Beach and retreat in one of Chateau Royale’s well-appointed penthouse suites at the end of the day. The choice is yours.

Car Hire Sunshine Coast

As with any other vacation, the planning doesn’t end with finding accommodation. You also have to consider your means of transportation in the area. For easier access to these resorts and to other famous destinations within the beach town, find a reliable car hire in Sunshine Coast. This will not only bring you added convenience as you get to and from your accommodation, but it will also let you explore all the wonders of this southern Queensland paradise at your own time and pace.