The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, is known for its pristine beaches. It is a sweet surfing spot for both professional surfers and beginners as well. Although surfing and chilling on the beach is what usually makes people come to Gold Coast, this is not the only reason why you should consider visiting the location. Every year, the area hosts a number of events, including the much awaited Bleach Festival.

Bleach Festival features the latest in music, theatre, cabaret, dance, circus, and visual art. It aims to bring the community together through art, while featuring local artists through its events. The festival will last for a total of three weeks, concluding on the 31st of March and wrapping up on the 16th of April.

Bleach Festival Events

While walking and commuting seems like a reasonable feat when it comes to attending these events, getting a car hire Gold Coast will definitely make your experience more pleasurable and convenient. These events will be held in different locations on the coast, and will last for about three weeks. With that being said, let’s now delve on what Bleach has to offer us this year.

Frank Enstein
This event retells the story of Frankenstein with a different and more “realistic” twist. It will be presented in a form of dance theatre, which will show Frank’s  journey as he tries to become “perfectly normal”.

Blanc De Blanc
Looking for something to make you laugh and be amazed at the same time? Try Blanc De Blanc, where vintage glamour and tantalising acts bring the cabaret to life. Acrobatic acts and hilarious jokes will be featured during the event, which will surely tickle everyone’s fancy.

Saltwater Sessions
Enjoy a night full of art and music, courtesy of some of your favourite local musicians and visual artists. The beachside concert will feature artists such as Angus Stone, Tia Gostello, Emily Wurramara, Ash Grunwald, Fred Leone, Kyle Slabb, and Jaali Inc, while the visual installations will be provided by Chantal Henley, Christine Slabb, Libby Harward, and a whole lot more.

The Forwards: Griffith University
Back by popular demand, this tragic comedy about friendship, sports, and small town rivalries will get you hooked instantly. It follows the story of a small town called Pintoon, where football is literally what everyone does. Each and every cast member will play the show’s live soundtrack, and will bring characters such as Hoges, Tractor, and Gary Rabbit to life.

Signs of the Time
This will feature amazing street art by world-renowned national and local artists. Private collections and newly commissioned artwork will be featured at a gallery, with well-known urban art megastars Banksy, Bambi, and Blek Le Rat headlining the show. This event is exclusive only to the Gold Coast City Gallery. Art, dance, skate workshops, live demos, art battles, live music, and a wrap-up street party will also be held in accordance to the event.

Inherit the Wind
Seize the day by watching the sun go down at the edge of the ocean, while listening to the soothing waves and sounds.This community performance will feature art, music, physical performance, installation, and an original sound score by contemporary classical composer Corrina Bonshek and DeepBlue, together with percussionist Michael Askill.

Live at Bond
Who doesn’t like free concerts, anyway? Live at Bond is a free outdoor concert that will feature catchy songs and Bobby Alu’s powerful log drumming. He is a well-known songwriter, travelling musician, and ukulele strummer from the Gold Coast. The concert will also feature Kuda and Josh which will perform covers as well as some of their original songs.

Snake Sessions
Watch the Sydney Company Branch Nebula strut their stuff at the Snake Sessions. Their team will show awesome skating moves and tricks, with a live drummer on the side to set the mood.

See the full line-up of events here. Enjoy and see you soon!