Brisbane is a beautiful city. Its sultry metropolis and amazing cultural scene make up the city. Additionally, its stunning beaches can be found on the eastern side of Brisbane – with Moreton Bay being one of the most famous among all.

Stay in a motel

Travellers have a lot of choices when it comes to accommodation, as Brisbane offers a number of hotels, motels, Inns, and B&Bs. However, an accommodation close to the airport and CBD is convenient. The perfect place is the Airport Clayfield Motel. Here’s why it’s a great place to stay: 

5-7 minutes from the Brisbane airport; 10 minutes from the CBD

Save time on travel at the Airport Clayfield Motel. You can choose to hang out and eat at a variety of restaurants in the area, or even get a few drinks at the bars nearby.

The transportation won’t be hard to find

Alpha Car Hire and Parking is located 2 minutes away from the motel. What’s more, getting a car rental is the most convenient way to see Brisbane, without having to think about the time constraint that comes with free tours and public transport. Alternatively, the motel is also close to train stations and bus stops.

You get a FREE Continental Breakfast

Who would say no to free breakfast? We wouldn’t, and that’s for sure!

They offer a lot of free things

The motel offers free WiFi, free undercover parking, free access to the swimming pool and spa, free shuttle service, and free breakfast!

They offer the lowest room rates possible

Admit it: one of the most important factors that you consider when looking for an accommodation is the price. You, of course, want to look for something affordable yet offers great service – and Airport Clayfield offers both. 

Check them out today and see why people rave about this motel! You can also visit our accommodation page here to see other places that you can stay in.