happy coupleThere is lots of life in a city. That’s what we are told. However, it’s not always that much fun if you spend most of your time in crowded buses and trains. Getting from one place to another can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have your own car. This is why so many people now turn to renting a car for the duration of their holiday.

Renting a Vehicle is Easy

Many visitors to a city are put off from the idea of renting a car because of the expense that might be incurred. This is a misconception. A reliable car hire doesn’t cost as much as one might imagine. For approximately $29 per day you can drive away in a five-door hatchback, that is, if you choose Alpha Car Hire, one of Brisbane’s favourite car hire companies.

When looking for that extra special service, Alpha Car Hire is the company to contact. If Brisbane is your destination, you will be met with a shuttle service as soon as you arrive at the airport. A friendly and competent courtesy driver will greet you with a smile.

Some regular visitors to Brisbane opt over and over again for an Alpha car. As well as being able to choose from a wide selection of vehicles, the office employees go out of their way to assist with the paperwork and also to give advice regarding the toll roads, as well as other suggestions for stress-free journeys.

No Hidden Charges
The company is upfront regarding the rental fees. You get what you pay for with no unforeseen charges hidden from the clients. Extras are available if requested. These might include a GPS or a baby seat. However, there are ceiling rates for extras. Also, regular specials are offered with reduced rates. You can rest assured that your quote will be all-inclusive and that you won’t be dismayed with unexpected extras added on to your account.

Hiring a Car is Close at Hand
Three of Alpha’s offices are in and around Brisbane, namely, Brisbane Airport, Brisbane City and Moorooka, which is seven kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD. If you require car hire facilities out of Brisbane, the same friendly service is waiting for you at the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast airports, as well as Melbourne and Sydney.

First-time visitors to Brisbane will be amazed at the scenic routes and incredible getaways that cater for families or single holidaymakers. You just have to be in the mood and with your rental car you will be thrilled at everything Brisbane has to offer.