Tired of the city’s hustle and bustle? Or maybe you’re planning your next family holiday and you want to do something different with the kids this time. Why not spend the next weekend at a farm with nothing but animals and lush greeneries to keep the kids occupied from morning until dawn? It’s also the perfect holiday idea if you want to see and experience Queensland’s gorgeous countryside.

1. Fresh, free-range food and drinks


If you love eggs for breakfast, you can head down to the chicken pen and pick your own eggs and cook them anyway you like. Kids can enjoy their daily glass of milk straight from the cow, and even help harvest fresh vegetables to be cooked for lunch and dinner. If you’re into organic, free-range food, booking with a farm stay is the perfect idea since you’ll be picking or harvesting what you eat.

2. Exciting activities for the kids

child goat

To keep your kids occupied, they can pet farm animals such as cows, chickens, and horses. They can also help feed and groom the animals. A horse ride across the farm’s wide, open spaces is sure to keep the kids busy for the rest of the afternoon. After a quick picnic/snack time, get your kids to ride a tractor-trailer and enjoy the beautiful views they won’t see back in the city. Then let them run around, ride a tire swing, play on a haystack, and catch runaway chickens and turkeys. Expect your kids to come running home all dirty and muddy–it’s all part of the countryside experience.

3. A fun, learning experience for everyone
Learn how to properly milk a cow, herd a group of alpacas, and groom a horse by visiting a countryside farm or ranch next weekend. Kids will surely learn a lot about how food is grown and harvested, helping them appreciate and respect animals more. If you’re curious about how some of your favourite dairy products are harvested and processed, look for a dairy cottage that offers farm stay packages. You and your kids can also learn more about the local wildlife by joining countryside tours and rainforest walks.

4. A re-invigorating change in environment


Looking for a change in environment because of a hectic lifestyle in the city? Then a farm stay is the perfect remedy to get you back on your feet. Instead of waking up to your alarm clock, let the local rooster get you up and ready for the day’s activities. If you’ve had your fill of traffic, crowded beaches, and noisy neighbours, check out Queensland’s hinterland and enjoy a simpler life even for just a couple of days. Say goodbye to your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet and say hello to horses, chooks, alpacas, goats, and cows. After a few days at the farm, you’re sure to feel re-energized and ready to handle your busy lifestyle back home.

Finding the perfect farm stay shouldn’t be that hard since Queensland offers plenty of affordable options. From B&Bs at the countryside to working farms that offer a variety of exciting activities for the kids and kids-at-heart, you’ll never run out of options. To help you figure out your next holiday destination, check out this list of top farm stays in Queensland’s southeast region. To help you get to the Queensland farm stays comfortably and easily, book your cheap car hire Queensland Australia today.