They say the best things in life are free. As you grow older, you believe this less and less, and you start to think that you need money to be happy. While it’s true that you do need money for things like food, modern shelter, and clothing, you don’t always need money to get another fundamental need: entertainment. That said, perhaps it’s time for you to step back a little bit into thinking that the best things in life are free. And no, I’m not talking about something cheesy (but true) like love, affection, and respect. If you’re headed to the Brisbane area, then here are free things you can do (besides the usual museums) while you’re there:

1. Picnics

paddington green hillsImage by

About a ten-minute ride out of the city centre is this undiscovered patch of green in the hills of Paddington. Apart from a hillock with a giant Moreton fig in the corner, the view is nothing short of spectacular. It’s a great place to have your favourite picnic food with your favourite people. You and your mates might even want to get a little more physical and play cricket or football. If so, head out to the New Farm Park. If you want to go people watching for rock climbers, or maybe you want to go biking before meals; Kangaroo Point is your best option.

2. Concerts
brisbane concertsIf music is your first love, then you’re in luck because Brisbane is starting to soar in live independent music. You might even find the occasional visitor from other states or countries. Head out to the heritage-listed Grand Central Hotel, underneath the central railway station for the Saturday Trainspotters. The event is just oozing with the youthful vigour of grunge and garage cool, and entry is usually free. Just be sure to check their schedules. If you want to hear what the musicians and arrangers of tomorrow have come up with, treat your ears to a free concert by the UQ School of Music every Sunday at the Customs House.

3. Festivals
brisbane festivals
If you’re looking for music with a different kind of electric vibe, then you’re probably looking for a festival. Join a massive sea of people in the Valley Fiesta with its iconic Anne Street Party in Fortitude Valley this August. Or if you’re strictly into jazz, then the Brisbane International Jazz Festival hosts many free performances. But one festival you shouldn’t miss is the Queensland Music Festival, a bi-annual event that has every style and every genre you could think of. It doesn’t matter if you’re into rock, pop, jazz, RnB, hip hop, or soul, it has got that and so much more.

Remember that the beauty of these festivals is that they’re not just about music. Some of them will have mini-rides, fun booths, and hold other awesome (and probably) free events throughout the entire event.

4. Scenic Drives
brisbane scenic drives

Okay, maybe I cheated a little bit on this one. It’s technically not free seeing as you’ll either need to book a Brisbane car hire or put petrol in your own vehicle, but it doesn’t require any entry fees and it can be a picnic, sound trip, and sightseeing tour all in one. All you need is to make your favourite picnic food, maybe a blanket, fill your smartphone with a few hours of your favourite tunes, a mate or two, and you’re good to go!

Drive your mates (or have one of them drive you) out to north west of Brissy. You’d find winding mountain roads and amazing views of Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious. Maybe you want to go watch a few fit bodies have a go at exciting water sports in Somerset Dam. Or maybe you just want to see the whole of Brisbane from a different perspective. Check out the beautiful city you’re surely starting to fall in love with from the lookout of Mount Coot-tha. The sights are sure to take your breath away.

No matter how little you have, there’s always something exciting for you to do in Brisbane. All you need is a little willpower, a few good mates, and the power of the Internet to check the best airport car hire in brisbane. Enjoy!