Work might not allow you to take a 5 day holiday at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on a mini vacation for a much needed rest and relaxation on a weekend. Especially now with the biting cold wind, medley of sniffling noses, and dreary looking skies; the desire to stay under covers until Spring comes is a hard one to battle. Of course, life (more importantly– work)  goes on despite the yearly break from the otherwise bright and sunny Australia. So what do you do and where do you go if you need a little recharge this winter? Here are a few of our favourites around Melbourne:

Wilson’s Prom National Park

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If you’re a lover of being outdoors, Wilson’s Prom has it all. Feast your eyes in pristine beaches, picture perfect mountains, lush rainforests, and exquisite offshore islands, speckled across 50,000 hectares of magnificent earth. Hike from Tidal River and discover what The Prom has to offer. Marvel from a view seemingly on top of the world at the Mt Oberon Summit Walk. Whether you’re a hard core rough and tough it type outdoors, or you’re more of a glamper, The Prom will have a resting place for you. You can camp, caravan, or even book one of the group lodges, cabins, or even huts to cater to you (or your travel mates’) comfort level.

Whether you’re an artist finding inspiration, a weary working needing a boost, or a beachbum craving some Vitamin Sea, you’re going to fall in love with the spectacular view of a stormy beachscape, the cool feel of sand beneath your toes, and sparkling waves crashing through the shoreline. Try the Squeaky Beach if you need inspiration. It’s going to be a different assault of your senses as finely crushed quartz crystal sand squeaks as you walk along the beach.



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As speckles of reds, yellows, and browns in the trees transition into the colder season, cruising through the historic and picturesque Bright feels more and more like Christmas in July. It may be too cold to cycle or bike around at this time, but you can always head to the mountains for some snowy fun. From Bright, you can drive to one of the three major snow resorts in Mt. Buffalo, Falls Creek, or Mt. Hotham. It’ll only take you 45 to 75 minutes drive from Bright, depending on which resort you choose to go. From chains, to skis, to toboggans, to clothing, and everything in between, you’ll be spoilt for choice with any and all of your snow needs in these parts. Go mountain hopping and let us know which is your favourite!

If snow sports isn’t for you, no worries. There’s so much more to Bright than its (incredible) mountains. Try the Wandilgong Maze if you’re looking for a not-so-wet adventure. If you can stomach biking in the cold, you can try biking along the old railway line stretching from Wangaratta to bright. No bike, no problem! You can just hire one! If you don’t want too much strenuous activity, you can always have a foodie adventure and taste your way through the village cafes, restaurants, and boutique wineries. Don’t forget to visit Bright Brewery or the Grape and Grain Bar.

Before you cruise through your way to the exciting road trip destinations, make sure that you’re driving a reliable car. Not sure about yours? No worries, you can always rent a car in Melbourne and start your adventure from there. Happy Travels!