We live in an age where people like to have the best of everything. New technology and devices are a ‘must have’ on everyone’s list and when the upgrades come out, many like to spend the extra money to have these.

This kind of attitude can make sense in some areas, but in others it’s money wasted. Take cars for instance. If you buy a brand new one the value decreases the moment you drive it out of the showroom.

The price you paid for it is no longer what it is worth and as time goes on, the decrease drops even lower. This means you are now driving around in a vehicle that will constantly cost you money, but is forever losing value. It doesn’t make sense.

How often do you drive your car?

For those who use their vehicles everyday and who have no choice this may seem like a worthwhile cost. However, for those people who don’t use a car everyday and who catch public transport or walk, the financial outlay is a monstrous waste.

Add it up
Think about it. Sure, having your own car is mighty convenient, but if you don’t need it every day or even every week, how much do you really need it, or the bills that go with it? It’s very likely that those people with cars have it on a loan. So then consider the weekly repayments with added interest.

Then consider the cost of insurance – and you really shouldn’t go without insurance, the cost of registration, roadside assistance membership and, of course, paying for services and replacing items such as tyres. It’s enough to make you wonder if you need a second or third job.

Ditch the idea of owning
Owning a car is not everything. It does not make you a better person, it will not make all your dreams come true. If you realistically don’t need to own a car, then don’t. You are doing the environment a favour by using public transport, if you walk or ride a bicycle you are doing yourself a favour too; it’s a win-win situation.

This is not to say though that there won’t be times you will need to use a car, but there is a simple solution for that too. A car hire is a budget friendly and wise way to get yourself about when you need a car.

When might you need a car?
You might ask yourself, “If I don’t use a car when could I possibly need one?” Well, that’s simple. Suppose you want to get away for a while and planes and trains are out of your budget. Maybe you have to travel to a wedding and there are a few of you going or just you, and the best way to get there is by car.

Maybe you have a function to attend and you don’t fancy a late train or bus ride late at night? Despite cars being an expensive item to own, we will all find at some stage that they do offer great convenience, so just rent one.

Drive it when you need it, don’t pay for it when you don’t
By hiring cheap rental cars means that you can have all the convenience of a car but without the pain in your hip pocket. There are always some fantastic deals you can take advantage of and a great range of near to new cars to choose from, so you are sure to find the right one for your needs.

Need more convincing?
If you think this scenario sounds like the perfect one for you but you need a little more convincing, here are a few points to show why renting a car is better than owning one:

1.     Renting a car means you can choose what you need to suit the occasion. If you’re travelling with a larger group, you hire a bigger car. If you own a car, it’s likely you don’t own one to suit any need.

2.     Business trips, road trips and holidays are the perfect time to have a car, but these are also the times that cars receive more wear and tear. However, if the car is a rental, then quite simply, that’s not your problem.

3.     Owning a car means you are likely to be stuck with the same one for some time. It will age and become run down. Renting a car means it will always be in good, clean condition with all services up to date. It will always be safe to drive.

4.     Breakdowns and any major services or replacements are always costly; in a rental this cost will not be your burden.

5.     Variety is the spice of life for many. When you rent a car, you can choose a different type each time if you wish; it’s all up to you and your budget.

It’s settled then
Just think of all the money you would save and all the extra things you can do with it. Cheap hire cars Gold Coast are definitely the way to go if you don’t need a car all the time.