It’s the most dazzling and dizzying time of the year, with personalized greeting cards to send, presents to wrap, and feasts to prepare. You have to admit that as fun as the season of joy is, it can get pretty hectic when you’re not prepared. The Christmas rush is in full swing, you have all of the Christmas things organized, and you just can’t wait to start the festivities and get the holiday fever over with.

You probably think it’s time for you to just sit back and just let the holidays roll, right? Before you put your feet up and enjoy the blazing Aussie Christmas, there’s one thing you’re forgetting: What are you doing for New Year’s?

Don’t panic. There’s a way for you to not have to prepare for the start of 2016. All it takes is for you to know where the most happening places in Brisbane are on New Year’s Eve (NYE). Whoever you’re going with, whatever you’re into, there’s a Brissy NYE event just for you:

 Fun For The Family


Enjoy New Year’s with the whole family at South Bank! Start the year with a bang with a traditional fireworks display exactly at midnight. Bringing along children with strict bedtimes? No problem! Let the little ones in on the fun with a sparkling and colourful display at 8:30 in the evening. Watch fantastic films all day and night for free to make it a whole-day NYE event. Treat yourself to eargasmic tunes all around the parklands. Forget about cooking for New Years and enjoy all the yummy delights from vendors and food trucks around. Don’t forget to snap a photo with your family or your mates at the BRISBANE sign for a chance to win free accommodations, museum passes, gift vouchers, and more!

Remember that you can’t bring any alcohol or other substances, scooters and bikes, metal `cutlery, drink bottles with broken seals, and/or pets. NYE in South Bank is all about clean and safe family fun. Not sure if what you’re bringing is allowed? Send your queries to [email protected]
Young, Wild, and Free

If your idea of an amazing time is being surrounded by a lush greens listening to smooth tunes, then head out to the Woodford Folk Festival this New Year’s Eve! Have a blast at one of the biggest yearly music and cultural events in Oz! From December 27 to January 1, lose yourself in the scales and rhythms of some of the most talented musical acts. Laugh with the crowd as Stand-Up Comedians and Street Performers entertain. Let words cut through the depths of your soul or tug at your heartstrings as the greatest story tellers bare all in Public Speaking. Let the children run, learn, and play in the Children’s Festival. Need to take a break from all the excitement? Just pick a street in Woodford. Most streets will be lined up with cafes, restaurants, bars, stalls, and street performers. Have a nibble or two while colourful parades pass.

When the buzz starts to quiet down and candles are lit, take part in the 3 minutes of silence. It’s a nice reflective way to welcome the New year. Join the patrons as they greet the year’s first sun while listening to Tibetan chants and guest musicians on the grassy hill of Woodfordia hilltop.

Don’t forget to download the Woodford App before going to the festival site! For more information, check out the Woodford Folk Festival Facebook Page.

With all the NYE buzz around Queensland, accommodations, car rentals, parking, and other holiday necessities are going to be busy. Before you head out to any of these events, make sure you have your hotel, car hire, and car parking in Brisbane sorted. Remember that last minute preparations will probably end up costing you more money and headache. Good luck! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!