When you’re headed to the most famous city in Australia, you know that you’re going to experience sinful eats, incredible sights, and amazing music. From dawn ’til dusk, there’s excitement to be had at every corner of the beautiful Sydney. You know all about the tours and cruises around during the daytime, but what happens after dark? Dive into the fun, fierce, fab, and sexy side of Sydney at night!

 For Any Mood

jackson's on george
Photo by 10best

If you’re just itching to go out without any particular plan, Jackson’s on George has it all. Long day at work? Choose from over 100 local and imported beers or their great selection of ciders , and feel yourself relaxing after stressful day.

Grab a bite of traditional Irish fare made with local produce whenever you have the munchies. Go people watching with an easy cocktail on a slow night. Join the leagues of sports fanatics during game days and enjoy the AFL over a few pints. Bring out your competitive side on one of their pool competitions.

Get your party on after hours as DJs give you the sexiest and most energizing tunes. Whatever your mood, whoever you’re with, there’s always something for you after hours at Jackson’s on George.

For Burlesque

tokyo sing song
photo by bettygrumble on Instagram

If you’re looking for offbeat entertainment with all sorts of fun characters, then the Tokyo Sing Song is your best bet. Far from the mundanities of the Sydneysider life above, it’s home to lovers of art, magic, party, drunken revelry, and neo-burlesque fun.

They pride themselves on being “home to counter culture and lovingly welcome freaks, misfits, and weirdos of all persuasions.” There’s always something new every weekend and it’s always a blast to be part of their weekly goal of shocking,delighting, and engaging the community.

For The Funnest Night Out

the cliff dive in darlinghurst
Photo from The Cliff Dive

We don’t give titles like this easily, but we’re dubbing The Cliff Dive in Darlinghurst as the go-to place for the funnest night out! Go through the pineapple door and you’d find yourself in the magical tiki world of The Cliff Dive.

Immediately your ears will be treated to fantastic tunes ranging from indie rock to RNB, to Hiphop, to house and trance, to even smooth caribbean tunes. Before you start to party all night, grab a kebab first.

You have a choice of chicken and pickles, lamb and XO, devil pork, or pumpkin and corn. When you have enough in your system it’s time to drink! Choose from their selection of 16 craft beers, 40 rhums, assorted wines, and an amazing cocktail list. They’re sure to score some brownie points from you with their drinks served in fun tiki glasses.

If you’re worried about getting home at 11 in the evening, don’t. Sydney has its own State Transit Late Night Bus services, headed to different routes. You’ll probably end up with a lot of tired, cranky, or drunk people though.

If don’t want to deal with people after hours or if you want to party until the wee hours, you can always book a car hire in SydneyJust make sure that you or your designated driver is 100% sober. Never ever drink and drive!