If you’re coming to Australia from a foreign country and want to drive, it’s important to know what the differences are. Although Australia has lots of similar cultural aspects to the Western world and is very open to other cultures, there are also many differences in the road rules and road etiquette. Below are some of the main differences you need to know before driving on an Aussie road.

  1. Driving on the left

    In Australia, everyone drives on the left hand side of the road. When on a highway, stick to the left lane unless overtaking. There are also trams in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne and these have right of way to cars. Buses also have right of way when they are leaving a bus stop.

  2. Safety belts and child restraints
    Wearing a seat belt is compulsory in Australia. It is also the law to have the right child seats and restraints. When hiring a car, find somewhere that offers baby seats and booster seats if necessary. Most have them for a small fee on top of your hire car costs.
  3. Speed limits
    The maximum speed limit on highways in most states is 100kph. Local urban limits range between 50kph and 80kph, with clearly marked signs. All states also have speed detection systems in place as well as red light cameras. When driving in Australia in a hire car make sure to follow all road rules as not only will you take on the cost of the fine but also a processing fee from the car rental company.
  4. Driving license
    It is legal for international visitors to drive a car as long as you have a valid overseas drivers license that covers the matching vehicle class. It is important to keep the license with you at all times for both driving and getting into 18+ events. It is a must to carry a translation if the license is not in English otherwise you will not be able to hire a car in Australia.

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