Alpha Car Hire offers customers good condition vehicles for different types of uses. Whether it’s for a short stay in the city, or if you need to move house, Alpha Car Hire has a vehicle for you.

Alpha Car Hire restrictions

Are you planning to rent a car with Alpha Car Hire soon? Make your next rental a hassle-free experience. Here are some of the most common roadblocks you might encounter. Knowing this can help you prepare for your booking, and can even

Age limits

young and old driverAlpha Car Hire typically rents their vehicles for drivers between the ages of 25 to 75. This is a precaution to ensure the safety of the drivers and the vehicles placed in their care.

If you are below 21, Alpha Car Hire will not give you a rental car.

However, for drivers between 21 to 24 years of age, they can still get a rental, but a daily age surcharge will be in effect. What’s more, limits will also be in effect. For instance, the collision damage waiver will be the only one available for the driver, and they are only allowed the sedan to rent.

For older drivers, aged 76 and above, Alpha Car Hire won’t require an age surcharge, but they will require a medical certificate. Lastly, the medical certificate should state that you are capable of driving your car. Waiver options will not be available.

Using an international or overseas driver’s license

A driver’s license is a requirement for all renters. If you’re a foreign tourist, present an international drivers’ license with English translations, and if you are from a non-English speaking country.  Finally, make sure that the license will have no restrictions.

Credit card or debit card?
credit cards

What’s more, you will need to provide Alpha with a credit card for th security bond. Our security bond rates for credit and debit cards are as follows:

For credit card holders:

  • $250 – This is the standard bond whether or not you purchase an excess waiver.

For debit card holders:

  • $550 – This is the standard bond if you purchase our $550 excess waiver.
  • $3300 – This is the standard bond if you don’t purchase an excess waiver.

These security bonds will be held during the rental period. The full amount will be returned to your account within 3-14 working days upon return of the vehicle. 

The additional costs will be taken from the deposit.

Please know that all the charges are in the terms and conditions for transparency. 

Lastly, prepare yourself and the documents you need before booking with Alpha Car Hire. That way, you can focus more on the trip itself, rather than the hurdles in your way.