Travelling is a great way to expose yourself to the world. Where you get to learn more about people’s way of life and how different it is from yours. Being a tourist in your own country is and can be just as fun. Take advantage of all Australia has to offer and be mindful of some do’s, and dont’s along the way.

Be a responsible tourist

With so many beaches, landmarks and great food, many Aussies are choosing to travel in their backyard rather than overseas. However, we as Australians still need to respect this great land we call home. To help guide you, here are some useful tourist tips:

Don’t ignore the beach flags

Australia has so many beautiful beaches to explore and to spend a day lazing by the water cannot be missed.

For those that are not familiar with swimming at the beach, look out for the red and yellow flags. They are there for your safety. Swimming between the flags ensures you a safe area to swim, free from rips and strong currents. Our amazing surf-lifesavers also patrol the flagged area. No matter how great you think you are at swimming, don’t tempt fate and swim within the flags.

Don’t go out without sunscreen

We all know how easy it is to get sunburnt in the beautiful Australian sun. As much as you may want to go home with an amazia glowing holiday tan, be smart and apply sunscreen regularly.

Aside from protecting your skin, have plenty of water on hand to keep hydrated. Be mindful of staying out in the sun too long to avoid sun exposure and heat stroke.

Don’t Drink drive or speed

For those getting a rental car during their stay, it’s essential to observe and familiarise yourself with the local speed limits.

There are hidden cameras and undercover police just about everywhere these day’s, so why spoil your holiday by receiving a fine. Cruise control comes in handy; many rental cars these day’s will have this feature.

Drink driving is never an option. Be smart and leave the car at your accommodation or plan ahead and allocate a designated driver.

Heed storm warnings

Australia is renown for our tropical storms. Many of these storms destroy property and in some cases can cost lives. While travelling during storm season pay attention to all storm warnings, be smart and don’t take risks.

Never drive through floodwaters no matter how safe you may think it is.

Don’t get too close to the wildlife

We all love seeing wildlife in the country. With one of the most iconic being our Aussie kangaroo. Proceed with caution if you see one in the wild, they are called the boxing kangaroo for a reason.

As with any wildlife, respect their natural environment, and if camping store your food in sealed containers, they love sharing our food.

Hiking through the outback

Hiking many of Australia’s fantastic bush walks is a must on any holiday to-do list. Be well organised and plan ahead of time; many of our walks are both beautiful and dangerous and not having the right supplies can lead to tragedy.

Whether travelling in a group or on your own, always let someone know your plans.

Enjoy all Australia has to offer, and most of all, stay safe during your travels.

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