Life in the big city is convenient, but sometimes the rush can be daunting. Not to mention the towering buildings will make you feel insignificant and a slave to your job after a while. Because of this, people look forward to weekend getaways where they can surround themselves with their favourite activities and people. Some play video games, get their houses in order, and some choose to go on a short road trip for their days off. But in a large city like Sydney, where can you go for the weekend?

Where to go around Sydney for weekend getaways

Australia is best known for the Outback, as well as other natural places that can help you recharge in a short amount of time. Conveniently, Sydney has plenty of choice destinations that are perfect for you and your buddies who like weekend getaways to enjoy some fun and sun. And if you’re already planning that weekend getaway, here are a few places you can choose to go near Sydney:

  • Katoomba – Visit Katoomba for the weekend where you can get the best view of the Three Sisters: Meehni, Wimlah, and Gunnedoo and learn about the story behind their name. Don’t forget to catch the sunset at Echo Point, where you can have your breath taken away. For the more active travellers, descend the Giants Stairway down to Jamieson Valley. It is the perfect way to spend the day, where you can take breaks and drink fresh mountain spring water coming in from Marrangaroo Spring.
  • The Blue Mountains – The Blue Mountains is a world of its own. Wandering through its ancient streets will make you feel like you travelled back in time. The entire place has an enchanting feeling that will leave you wanting to see more of it. That means you’ll be planning another trip to the Blue Mountains if you don’t get a chance to see everything you want for that weekend.
  • Canberra – Don’t feel like staying with nature for the weekend? Then why not take a road trip to Canberra? Back in the old days, Canberra was best known for a few things like politicians and legal fireworks. Since the turn of the 21st century, the country’s capital has been changing its image. They now have some of the swankiest hotels and cafes that will allow customers of all ages to have some fun. You can visit the National Museum of Australia, where you can explore Australia’s legacy ranging from the Aboriginals to the Torres Strait Islander history. That alone makes Canberra the perfect getaway with your kids.
  • Botany Bay – When James Cook first arrived in Australia, he named Botany Bay after several types of fauna were discovered. Today. Botany Bay is home to the Botany Bay National Park where visitors often come to go hiking scuba diving and snorkelling. It’s the perfect place to try out these activities, especially for first-timers.
  • Shoalhaven – Fill your weekend getaways with adrenaline-pumping action when you visit Shoalhaven. Shoalhaven is located two hours from Sydney and will give you more than your fair share of activities to select. Experience some rock climbing fun at the National Park, where they also offer courses for beginners located in the indoor gym, and try it out on the more towering wall of rocks outside. Other activities in Shoalhaven you can try include horse riding, surfing, and kayaking, among others.

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