In Australia, Christmas is celebrated twice each year. Why, you ask? Well, for one, Christmas is celebrated during the 25th of December every year. For most of the countries in the world, the weather in December is usually cold and chilly, which is sometimes even accompanied with snow. This is simply not the case in Australia though, as December means summer for the Ozzies.

While people from all over the rest of the world are celebrating their White Christmas, people from Australia are literally sweating it out due to the country’s scorching hot weather. The main reason why Ozzies choose to celebrate Christmas in July is because winter starts during this month. This way, Christmas and the thought of “Winter Wonderland” fits in well.

Host a Christmas (in July) Party

Sure, Christmas in July is yet another excuse to host a party and get together with your friends and family, but hey, there’s totally nothing wrong with that! Bake some yummy meat pies, prepare interactive and fun games for both the kids and the grown ups, and watch Christmas-themed movies with your loved ones. Do what you usually do in December (and more) to keep the Christmas spirit rolling!


What better way to set the mood than decorate the whole house? The malls and buildings are now being filled with jolly Christmas decorations, so why not do it at home as well? Light up your home with colourful and bright fairy lights, reindeers, musical Santas, red and green ribbons, cane candies, Christmas balls, and basically anything your heart desires! Almost everyone decorates their homes for Christmas in July, so you shouldn’t hold back and decorate away!

Winter Food

Since you can’t prepare and eat these sumptuous food in December, you should definitely try whipping these up during winter in July! Whip up a wicked mix of hot chocolate, eggnog, and mulled wine. Buy candies for the kids, make gingerbread houses with them and fill it with candies. Make a special turkey or ham recipe, invite friends, and feast on it while sharing fun stories with your loved ones.

Now go under that mistletoe with your loved one and let each other feel the spirit of Christmas! Have a very Merry Christmas, enjoy July!