Are you looking for a different kind of road trip experience? Then go on a trip around Australia in search of some of its best waterfalls. Here, you can catch a glimpse of some of Australia’s great natural wonders that you can enjoy with the people you love. Australia has plenty of waterfalls all over the country. It’s all a matter of finding the best one within driving distance from your home. To give you a better idea of these waterfall destinations, we’ve listed down our top five that are within driving distance.

Natural Bridge and Morans Falls: Springbrook National Park (Gold Coast)

The Natural Bridge is waterfalls in Springbrook National Park. It is a rock formation fashioned into an arch with the force of the waterfall over a basalt cave.

What’s more, visitors can join a guided tour to see the glow worms and microbats living near the cave. Other things you can see near the falls include luminous fungi and fireflies. If you want to see all of these and more, make sure to visit the area at night.

Wattamolla Falls: Royal National Park (Sydney)

Wattamolla Falls is 7m in height. You can see it from the lagoon, where it cascades down from some rocky ledges above. Additionally, visitors are welcome to spend the day near the waterfalls and eat their packed lunch in the picnic area near the lagoon. That way, you can hear the waterfalls as you eat.

Aside from swimming and a snack, you can also take a bushwalk or just while the day away under the cabbage palm trees.

Erskine Falls Great Ocean Road (Victoria)

The Great Ocean Road is a road trip that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. During the journey, you will come across a variety of landmarks, including the Twelve Apostles. There are also towns along the way where you can stop and take breaks in between.

Another place you can check out while you’re travelling along the Great Ocean Road is the Erskine Falls. These waterfalls reside in the town of Lorne. It’s 30m high and surrounded by lush green rainforest. Take the time to explore Lorne and see everything else it has to offer its visitors.

Mackenzie Falls: Grampians National Park (Victoria)

The waterfalls at Grampians National Park is over 30m high. What sets these falls apart from the others is its resilience. Over the years, Australia experienced terrible droughts. Nevertheless, Mackenzie Falls continued to flow. It’s the perfect way to remind everyone never to give up and just keep going.

Fitzroy Falls: Morton National Park (New South Wales)

Fitzroy Falls towers over the park at 120m. Lush greeneries surround the waterfalls so you can enjoy the fresh air as you relax to the sound of the water crashing down.

Meanwhile, you can take the time to explore Morton National Park and go on a bushwalk leading up to the waterfalls itself.

These are just some of the places within driving distance around Australia that are worth the visit. So, make sure to plan for the day, prep your road trip snacks and enjoy the day out with nature.

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