Here in Australia, you’ll never run out of things to do. From weekend trips to the beach to a family holiday at a national park, the options are practically endless. If you want to do something that’s sure to make any trip unforgettable, why not check out some of the local festivals? For an even more memorable experience, join the local races and see how far you can toss a tuna or how good you are at handling a camel. The best part is that these events are for a good cause, so you’ll be helping others while you and your family or friends are having a good laugh. Check out these wacky festival races, unleash your competitive spirit, have lots of fun, and do a good deed all at the same time:

Be Superman for a day at the Birdman Rally

birdman rally

If you always thought that you have secret superpowers or you just invented a flying machine, then head down to Melbourne’s Birrarung Marr on March 8 and compete at the Birdman Rally. A contest for homemade aircrafts and gliders, whoever flies the farthest is the winner. While wearing your wackiest flying outfit, you’ll have to jump 4 meters high and splash onto the Yarra River. Expect to see a bunch of contestants all suited up in superhero costumes, giant butterflies, huge eagle wings, and all sorts of “flying capes.” The winner’s chosen cause or charity group will receive the cash prize.

Ride the “ship of the desert” at the Camel Cup
camel race

Pick a camel that has won previous qualifying races, and bring that drive to reach the finish line: These are all you’ll need to get the highly coveted Perpetual Trophy at the Camel Cup. Held every year in July, the Blatherskite Park becomes the center of attention as fans cheer for their favorite racer and camel. Just imagine trying to control a temperamental, 130-kg animal without falling off. The crowd will definitely go wild on your hilarious antics as you try to stay attached to your camel until the finish line. The proceeds of this annual event goes to local charities supported by the Alice Springs’ community grant program.

Toss a tuna at the Tunarama Festival
tunaramaTest your throwing skills at the Tunarama Festival’s Tuna Toss. Held every year during the Australia Day weekend, the Tuna Toss is one of the main events at the Tunarama Festival. Make sure to warm up that throwing arm because you’ll be tossing an 8-kg tuna. The one with the farthest throw gets bragging rights and a wooden plaque with an embossed tuna as a token of his or her impressive throwing skills. Proceeds of the festival goes to local charities such as the West Coast Youth and other support programs.

Row a beer can boat at the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta

rowsIf you can build a boat out of beer cans, then the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta is an event you shouldn’t miss. A yearly event held in Darwin, the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta is a boating race wherein participants race aboard boats made of empty milk cartons, soft drink cans, and beer cans. As most of the boats will sink even before reaching the finish line, the crowd will surely enjoy plenty of laughs. The money earned from this event will go to the local community through projects initiated by the Lions Clubs International.

Drive a run-down ride at the Shitbox Rally

shitbox rally

Looking for a one-of-kind adrenaline rush? Then get your hands on a car that’s worth $1000 or less and register for the Shitbox Rally. This epic event is held every May and covers a challenging route that starts from Canberra and ends at Queensland’s Townsville. During the 7-day rally, your stamina, resourcefulness, and ingenuity will be tested. Just imagine driving into the wilderness with a cheap car that’ll probably break down before you reach the route’s final location. Then you’ll have to camp out for four nights, assuming that your car reaches the first camp site. The winner gets a trophy and bragging rights for a year, and all participants get to contribute money for cancer research.

Whether you’re with your friends or family, you’re sure to have lots of fun at these fundraising events. So get started and prepare your flying suit, practice your camel-riding and tuna-throwing skills, get creative with beer cans, or fix up your junkyard-worthy car in the name of charity and good will.

The Shitbox Rally is a fun activity even when you do have to drive around a beat down car. But when you’re going to be driving around town on holiday, driving a “shitbox” isn’t exactly the most comfortable. So drive around in a comfortable rental vehicle from Alpha.