It was a long, dusty drive for the new all-girl Alpha Angel team. The bash car must be a girl-power car because it purred like a kitten first go! Cassie, Janelle and Miriam were towed out from muddy puddles and had a close call with a tree – This was all before lunch time!

After lunch at the local school, the girls pulled the ultimate prank! They took the compulsory passport stamp, resulting in other teams being fined $50 (all proceeds went to charity of course!).

They arrived safely into Tambo in time to see the ‘Fashions on the field’ parade which was a fantastic way to spend the night under the stars.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Christmas in July’, so everyone was surprised to see the flood of Santa suits worn by all of the ‘Bashers’. After meeting the locals of Rubyvale, it was time to drive in full Santa attire. The outback had never seen so many Santas!

Janelle and Miriam danced the night away in Clermont thanks to the live band. They played all types of music and were demanded to give the Bashers an encore.

After the longest kilometre drive of the bash, the girls said it was a well-deserved stop at Dingo State School for the Angels. The Sesame Street characters were a hit with the children and the steak sandwiches were a hit with the bashers!  With Cassie at the wheel, the Alpha Angel car filled with water when trying to cross the deepest creek to date.

The girls were extra excited to get to Capricorn Resort in Yeppoon after a very tiring day.  they were met by the friendly faces of the third Alpha Angel team and enjoyed a fabulous feast together.