What a blast last night was!   Tony dressed up in his traditional Arab outfit, if only for an hour before things started to get a bit chilly in Western Queensland but it was definitely worth it! He met a young boy who was blind and absolutely fascinated with Tony’s clothes – he used his hands to feel the material of the turban and his face. Tony described it as an emotional experience that brought tears to his eyes.

Alpha Angels day 1 of Variety Bash
The Angels are here!

Last night’s cocktail party had a twist – no cocktails!  But this didn’t stop our resident musician Matt from jumping on stage and playing a few numbers with the Bash band.  Word on the street is he will be up there again tonight!

The whole team agreed that going to sleep was a mission as it was freezing – Cassandra was in one tent and the two boys in another.  Needless to say Cassie didn’t get much sleep. Yes that’s ice on the bonnet of the car this morning!

We can’t wait to hear what day 2 of the Bash brings.

Variety Bash ice on Alpha Car Hire
Cute little puppy drawn on ice on our Bash car

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Alpha Car Hire is a supporter of Variety Australia. For more information on how you can help these beautiful children, check out the Variety website