Toll roads, though they might be considered bothersome by some, are a great way of getting about faster. Often you are unable to reach your destination in Sydney without having to use a toll road as there are few motorways that are not toll roads.

Visitors who have taken advantage of the benefits of a car rental have done so because they wish to navigate their way to tourist spots and places of interest faster and they don’t wish to use time-consuming public transport. Having said that, using the toll roads is a great combination as you get to bypass time wasting traffic and suburbs that you don’t wish to see.

Toll fees are unavoidable

If you are a visitor to Sydney or even a local who doesn’t normally have the use of a car, it does not make you immune to paying road tolls. Every vehicle that passes a toll point is required to pay for the transaction, including hire vehicles.

Because Alpha Car Hire respects the privacy of their clients, they are unable to have their vehicles fitted with electronic tags. To do so would mean passing on client details to a third party, which Alpha Car Hire believes is not ethical. Of course, this does not pose an issue as there are alternative ways to ensure that tolls are paid.

Paying tolls how you choose
Interstate tourists have the option of bringing their own electronic tag with them as these are recognised on NSW toll roads. However, this may be risky as you may accidentally forget to retrieve your tag at the end of a visit.

All toll roads give the driver three-days leeway to pay their toll after passing a toll point but this could prove a problem for those who don’t know the area as they may not be aware when they pass a toll point and another issue could be that they forget to pay later altogether.

Alternatively, a toll pass can be collected by the hirer of the vehicle from a service station although the drivers need to ensure they place enough credit on the pass to avoid extra fees from Alpha Car Hire and the toll company.

The safest recommendation by the experts at Alpha Car Hire is to contact the toll company once the vehicle is collected and provide credit card details along with the vehicle registration and dates of hiring.