Have you ever envied the independent-looking guy breezing down the road in his loaded ute? Just once in a while, how good it would be to own a ute, yourself!

If you’ve ever felt like this, you’re not alone. Alpha Car Hire  says they speak regularly to people who are surprised at the ease with which they can hire a ute to accomplish a range of otherwise difficult jobs: perhaps moving a load of rubbish to the tip, or collecting the sofa they picked up for a song on eBay, or even helping to move house.

Most people know they can hire a trailer for four hours or a day from their local hardware store. The cost of doing that can range from $25 to $40. The hidden cost is that you need to have a tow-bar on your car – a cost of several hundred dollars to have installed. For very little more than the cost of hiring a trailer, you can search for a ute hire and car rental hire company for a one tonne ute for a day.

Trailers are challenging to use, particularly when trying to park or reverse. A ute handles very much like a large car, so you won’t need to take time and effort to learn how to use it.

Tough for Loads, Gentle for Drivers

The utes in Alpha Car Hire’s fleet are serious working vehicles. They typically have a 2.7 litre four-cylinder engine and a large capacity fuel tank. The tray has drop-down sides and a protector bar at the back of the cabin.

Alpha’s utes all have ABS (anti-locking braking system) brakes, giving you superior braking control, and greater safety.

Inside, however, it’s a different story. There, you have many of the comforts of a regular sedan: CD player, MP3 and AM/FM radio, air conditioning, Bluetooth mobile phone wireless connectivity and comfortable seats with adjustable backrests. Of course, for safety and peace of mind, there are driver and passenger airbags, and the driver seat features extra seat slide for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Because you probably need a couple of friends to help you with your project, the ute seats three people comfortably. If you don’t already have one, you can also hire a moving trolley for your project.

Typically, Alpha Car Hire uses Toyota Hilux Single Cab utes, or their equivalent. You do need to remember that the utes have 5-speed manual transmission, so you or your driver will need to have a manual driver’s licence.

A Great Deal
Alpha Car Hire says they have many customers who return regularly to hire a ute for various tasks. When compared with other means of transporting a small load, it’s efficient, cost-effective and allows you to remain in control. Get in touch with us for Ute Hire Brisbane and Ute Rental Sunshine Coast