Ever played games where the hero goes to ancient civilisations to discover treasures? People are still doing this, but instead of lost tombs, they explore abandoned places. These people are called Urban Explorers.

Urban Exploration

What is it about walking through a deteriorating building with paint peeling off the walls and rubbish strewn all over the floor, that makes you nostalgic about a place you’ve never seen in its heydey?

Urban explorers thrive for the rush it brings as they investigate these buildings, forgotten by time, and sometimes reclaimed by nature. They try to piece together what kind of lives the people before them lived before moving on and leaving this place they once called home.

In the US, urban exploring is quite popular as there has always been an abundance of old buildings to explore. But not to be outshined, Australia also has its fair share of places for you to explore with your mates and here are a few:

Moyra’s House [Brisbane]

old music sheet

No one knows who Moyra was, but her house is a favourite spot for Urban Explorers. Her home is still filled with everyday items like her stamps, party invitations, old cleaning materials, and even sewing materials and music sheets. Urban explorers concluded, judging by the items inside the home, that Moyra lived in the house sometime between the 1930s to the 1960s. No one knows if Moyra moved away or if she’s passed on, but one thing remains: her home and all of her belongings are still waiting for her return.

South Fremantle Power Station [Perth]

abandoned stairs

The South Fremantle Power Station once provided power to Fremantle and Perth. At its peak, the facility employed more than 250 people. When advancements in technology were made, the power station closed its doors forever in 1985. Today, it has become the canvass of graffiti artists and the go-to place for urban explorers. There are rumours from the locals that there is an underground tunnel that connects the power station to the Fremantle Prison nearby; and that cults perform their rituals in this building. The bit about the occult is reinforced by the drawings of pentagrams all over the building along with suspicious bloodstains.

St. John’s Orphanage [New South Wales]

st john's orphanage

A building with a long history of violence, St. John’s Orphanage was anything but home to the young boys who lived there. It is said that the children who were unfortunate enough to be sent here, were only given one set of clothes to be washed once a week, sparse food, and regular beatings. It’s no wonder that today, it is said that the place is haunted. Most of the furniture has been moved out, but there are rooms which are relatively untouched and give off an abandoned feeling to it along with the vintage appliances and reading materials that can be found inside.

Word to the wise when urban exploring: be careful. Some places are more open than others. You could be charged with trespassing if you manage to enter private property. It’s also a good idea to have a mate tag along with you as these places are usually unstable and can lead to some serious injury. Also, don’t forget to take lots of photos. That can help preserve these ruins before nature takes its natural course.

Think any of these places are worth a visit? Then why not rent a car for the weekend, so you can drive across Australia looking for these abandoned places to explore and more. Visit places no one else would dare and prove once and for all, if the ghost stories are true.