Are you planning to do a lot of travelling this summer? You’re not alone. Many people love to spend the long, sunny days in the outdoors, including their pets.

There’s nothing more thrilling to your four-legged friends than going on a road trip with the windows rolled down and feeling the warm breeze run through their fur.

However, when you need to make a stop, make sure you never leave your pets alone inside your vehicle. It’s incredibly dangerous as they can have heat stroke and die while you’re away.

We’ve all seen and heard those horrible videos and stark warnings where pets are put at risk in hot cars.

Man playing with his dog

So, to make sure you prevent that from happening, take these easy and simple precautions to keep your beloved pets happy and secure inside your car.

vet checking dog

Take your pets to the vet

Remember to have your pets checked regularly. Get them examined by your vet so they can get tested for any health conditions you may not be aware of.

Take frequent stops

If you are travelling with your pet, make sure you take a break every couple of hours. Check your dog or cat if they need to have a drink or relieve themselves.

Remember that travelling with pets are not too different with travelling with children. So, give them some time to stretch their legs, get some air or feed them some snacks.

Park in a shady spot

If you can park under some shade like a tree or at a covered parking area, that would be great as it can help reduce the exposure of your vehicle from extreme weather conditions and lessen the heat from accumulating inside your car.

cat inside pet crate

Use secure pet carriers

Having your pet ride shotgun can be tempting. However, the best way to ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable is to keep them inside a well-ventilated carrier.

Also, make sure you have the crate anchored by using the seatbelts to prevent it from moving around.

Alternatively, you can use a pet harness to prevent your dog from falling off the car seat and getting hurt in case of abrupt or sudden stops.

dog drinking water

Bring all your pet’s travel gear

Like humans, your pets need to have their travel kit brought along with them, too. So, don’t forget to make a list of the things they need like grooming supplies, pet food, water, bowl, a scoop to pick up their waste, plastic bags, a first aid kit for your pets, and their favourite toy or pillows.

dog riding in car

Keep them away from the windows

Your pets may enjoy the nice view and fresh air coming inside from your car’s window. However, there’s a chance they may suddenly jump out in the event your pet gets distracted by something they see like another animal that they might want to chase.

Know how to treat heat stroke

Some warning signs you should be aware of when your pet is having heat stroke are drooling, panting, and exhaustion. A limp body posture with heavy breathing might be a sign that your pet is going into shock.

To cool your pet down, wet the pads of their feet and their ears with cool water. Get them in a place with air-conditioning. Put wet, cool towels over your pet’s neck, shoulder, and under their legs. Have them drink cool water if they are able to.

Pets are part of our family. So, let’s make sure they stay safe when we bring them along when we travel. We hope the tips mentioned above can help keep your beloved pets happy and healthy.

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