School’s out in a few weeks, so you better fill up your calendar with family-friendly activities to keep your kids busy. One good way of spending the holidays with the whole family is to go on a camping trip. But before you step out into the wilderness, here are some tips to help you plan a trip that your kids will surely enjoy.

Choose a kid-friendly destination

When choosing a camping site that’s perfect for the kids, consider the location’s weather conditions. With the right weather, it’ll be easier for kids to trek along paths and enjoy the outdoors. Camping during rainy season isn’t really a good idea. After all, getting a good night’s sleep is almost impossible if you have a leaky tent. Kids love to stay inside tents, so be sure to choose a camping site that has enough space for your gear. Don’t forget to consider how much you and your kids are willing to rough it out. Younger kids are better off with a camping site with easily accessible amenities such as toilets and outdoor kitchens.

Practice camp set-up with the kids days before the trip

To make sure all your camping equipment are in working order, test them out by doing a practice set-up at home with the kids. Check and see if your cooking equipment are clean and will actually cook your food, all the tents’ parts are accounted for, and the lighting equipment has enough batteries. By involving the kids, you’re familiarising them with what they have to do once they have to set up camp.

Keep your kids busy while travelling
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Going on a camping trip usually means going on a road trip. To make the long drive more fun, keep your kids busy while in the car. Driving games, snacks, and small toys will keep your kids from getting bored and restless. You can also include stopovers in your travel schedule so your kids can get a chance to explore surrounding attractions and stretch out their legs.

Plan exciting day and night activities

scavenger hunt

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A camping trip wouldn’t be complete without the daily treasure hunts and hikes that are sure to keep the little tykes excited. Use creativity when planning camping activities. Hold a scavenger hunt to make exploring the outdoors more fun. To make camping chores less of a chore, incorporate them in a game. This way, collecting firewood or finding fresh water becomes more of an exciting activity. At night, get everyone to toast marshmallows by the campfire and find that perfect spot for stargazing.

Pack easy-to-prep food

With all those camping activities, don’t be surprised if your kids are always hungry. To get them food fast and easy, go for easy-to-prep meals such as grilled burgers, sausage, and bread. Remember, hungry kids easily get cranky, so keep them well fed with easy-to-cook but delicious meals. To make food preparation less of a hassle, plan your meals ahead so you know which ingredients to take out of the cooler on a certain day. This also ensures that you have enough food until the end of the trip.

When planning a kid-friendly camping trip, don’t forget to make transportation arrangements. Hiring a car is a always a good choice, especially if your own ride isn’t big enough. To make sure the kids will enjoy the drive, rent an SUV or van that has plenty of legroom and has enough space for your camping gear. Fortunately, a cheap car hire deal isn’t that hard to find. Check out what we have to offer so you get to save money on car rentals.