One of the key things you need to prepare for when going on a long road trip is food. You need to avoid going hungry and keep everyone in your party happy. If you are bringing some children along, then preparing the right travel snacks will keep them pleased.

However, if you don’t pack your food properly, it can easily get contaminated or spoiled. Moreover, how well you manage the food and snack your companions are eating while on the move will prevent or, at least, minimise any spills and mess from happening.

So, before you start packing snacks and other foods, check out these tips to help make your road trip hassle-free and keep everyone well-nourished.

potato for the road trip

Avoid messy snacks.

Unless you’re planning for someone else to clean up your car after your trip, don’t bring food or snacks that will leave plenty of crumbs behind. Ditch the trail mix and other similar food that will scatter small pieces of it everywhere inside your car. Instead, go for larger foods like granola bars or something similar.

Bring the right coolers.

There are many kinds of coolers you can choose from. They come in all sizes. Find one that has a bottom drain, so you can easily remove the water coming from the melting ice. If you could bring two coolers, that would be better. You can use on cooler for beverages, and the other one for food that needs to be kept fresh and cool on long trips.

granola for the road trip

Choose healthy foods.

While you’re on the road, you need to keep your blood sugar at a steady level to stay alert and maintain your energy. So, eat healthy and steer clear of consuming foods, like chips and cookies, that are full of sugar but will cause you to crash after a few hours. Instead, pack a mix of nutritious snack like fruits, vegetables and foods packed with protein to keep yourself energised.

Don’t bring smelly foods.

Foods with strong odours, like chicken curry or greasy fast food, are hard to get rid of, especially when driving with your windows closed. So, steer clear of bringing food with garlic and the like that can stink up your car as well as your clothes. If you have no choice, open your windows or find a good place to park and eat the food outside of your vehicle.

Don’t pack foods that can easily go bad.

Summer is an ideal time for taking road trips. However, food that is sensitive to temperature, like cheese, milk, green leafy veggies, mayo, can easily go bad. Especially when you leave them out in the open. To be on the safe side and avoid getting food poisoning, keep them stored in a cool place or just avoid bringing them all together.

salsa with dip for the road trip

Don’t bring elaborate meals.

Snacks like chips with dips are tasty. But they can also cause a huge mess inside your car. If you drive on a bumpy road, it’s going to be a hassle cleaning it up. So, consider bringing simple snacks that you can eat without making too much mess.

One more thing.

If you are driving, don’t eat. If you’re hungry, pull over to a safe area where you can have a quick bite to eat. Use this opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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