Looking for a quick weekend getaway from the city? Visit Dandenong Ranges. There are plenty of things to do in Dandenong Ranges for the entire family. It’s all a matter of finding the activity that is right for everyone. Make your plans today and consider these fun activities in Dandenong Ranges.

Antique Store visit

There’s just something about old-timey objects that make you feel nostalgic for a time you never lived to see. Is it because of the vibe these objects give off? Or could it be the fact that these items give us insight into what life was like all those years ago?

Mangana in Olinda is just the antique store to visit. Browse their selection of antiques ranging from household items to furniture, and everything else in between.

Pies in the Sky

Who doesn’t like pie? Especially one sent from the sky? Well, okay, maybe the pies aren’t from the sky, but Pie in the Sky is still a great place to grab a few pies for lunch. They offer a variety of pies that caters to just about everyone’s tastes. That includes Aussie meat pies, gourmet pies, and even light snacks to get you through the day.

However, the store is packed on weekends. So, it would be best to pack your own lunch, grab a takeaway order of pies and have it at the picnic area to enjoy your pies in peace.

Walk up 1000 steps

Kids are always energetic on family vacations. So, why not let them channel that energy by making them go up a flight of stairs. Take it up a notch and have them go up the 1000 steps in Dandenong Ranges.

These steps were built to commemorate the fallen soldiers at Kokoda. A history lesson and a physical challenge all in one! There are several plaques along the way that can teach you more about the stairs and the ANZAC. Just be mindful of your kids, so they don’t bother the other trekkers.

A day spa

Going up a high flight of stairs will leave you breathless, literally. It will also be enough to make your body feel like jello by the time you make it back down. Tired, and sweaty, now would probably be a good time to hit the spa. Well, after you take a shower first. No one wants to deal with another person’s sweat.

Hepburn Springs is the go-to spot for a spa day, but Dandenong Ranges has its own fair of spas. The Japanese Mountain Retreat Mineral Springs and Spa are just one of the many places to visit. It is the top of the line spa destination in the area, that is best visited in winter.

Eat brunch

There’s nothing better than sleeping through breakfast and waking up just a little later than you usually would. Oh, but it would be too late for breakfast, and too early for lunch. So, what do you do?

Of course, you eat brunch. That magnificent time of day where you can have a meal between the hours after breakfast and just before lunch. The weather is just beginning to transition as well, giving you that cool morning breeze with just a hint of warmth the afternoon has to offer. Dandenong Ranges has a variety of places to eat brunch, and you can have whatever you want, as long as it is on the store’s menu.

There’s no wrong way of spending the day at Dandenong Ranges. The important thing is that you had fun and are ready to face whatever life decides to throw at you with a newfound appreciation for life.

Of course, there’s no better way to get around Dandenong Ranges and visiting these areas than by driving. Hire a car in the Dandenong area for your trip to ensure you and your family get to each destination in style.