the grampians

When standing in the middle of the concrete jungle that is Melbourne, it is hard to picture the apparent bush lands, fresh streams and unique wildlife that Australia is known for across the globe. Lucky for us, Victoria exists outside the boundaries of the city, and boy does it have a lot to offer.

The Grampians national park is about a three our drive from Melbourne, yet it feels like a lifetime away. The rocky cliff faces peer over endless amounts of bush land providing the perfect scenery for everything from a romantic lodge getaway to an outdoor rec camping trip.

With wineries, rock climbing, bush tracks and bird watching at your finger tips, you won’t ever be left wondering what to do. If you enjoy being involved you can volunteer with parks Victoria. The team is always looking for extra hands and you’ll get to learn a lot about the area and it’s importance.

If you haven’t got enough of the local animals, then the Halls Gap Zoo might just satisfy you! Home to an amazing range of native and non-native animals, the Zoo offers a great chance for up close encounters!

When you’re all ‘natured out’, take time to visit the Brambuk National Park and Culture Centre. Besides its amazing architecture, Bramuk offers insight into Aboriginal art and culture and how this relates to the national park and its conservation.

Quick guide:

How long should we go for?
To make the most of your trip we’d allow at least three days. This ensures you’ll get to see everything you want to, whilst still finding time to relax.

How do we get there?
Follow the Western Freeway through Ballarat. From here, the Grampians are well signed and you should have no problems finding your way.If you rent a car with Alpha car hire melbourne airport, map books and GPS are available to ensure you reach your destination with ease.

Where should we stay?
If you are looking for somewhere to stay, then Tim’s Place is perfect. It is located in the Grampians village and best of all it is eco friendly!